A Toddler Teaches Simple Living

On March 4, 2011 we announced to the r(E)volution community that we were expecting our first child. At that point Crystal was about 10 weeks along. We talked about it here and discussed further how it … More

Choosing The Right Tow Hitch

Earlier in the month we talked a bit about choosing a tow vehicle for your tiny house. In determining what truck is right for you, it’s equally important to know your tiny house or RV's overall weight … More


How (not) To Tow The Tiny House

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Life On The Road As A Digital Nomad

The life of a digital nomad is all about being location independent. A new millenium buzzword? Perhaps. The 21st century telecommuter? Sure. Valid way of living the life of travel … More

Washing Your Clothes When On The Road

I wasn't responsible for my own laundry until I had moved away to college. I was a freshly minted 17-year old faced with a a roll of quarters someone had given me for a high school … More