Tiny Blue Devil Continues To Grow

Building a tiny house is one of those odd projects that seems to move slowly yet moves incredibly quick. While the visual results may not seem great, the amount of work is often mind-numbing. Since the start of January and the initial deck installation, the tiny house...

Tiny Blue Devil Officially Gets Underway

Many of you may remember me talking about my mentor role with South Lenoir High School in an effort to build a tiny house on wheels with their construction trades program. Called the Tiny Blue Devil we are building a 20' Elm (plans courtesy of Tumbleweed Tiny House...

Tiny Houses and Small Homes Can Free You From A Mortgage

When we were thinking of transitioning to Tiny r(E)volution v.3.0 we were perhaps most concerned about having to enter back into the mortgage pool. We knew we didn't have as much as we would like for a down payment. We knew our monthly budget was one we were happy...

Raising the budget conscious baby

Remember those conspicuously consumptive parenting days of the late 1980s? Well, like the reign of New Edition, they are over! Life is not about the size of our home and the price tag of our car.

How-To grow a veggie garden even in the desert

It is pretty important to note that one of the immediate benefits of growing veggies in the desert is you can enjoy two growing seasons instead of the traditional single season that we see in other regions. You just have to take heed to timing and selection of your crops, as well as the proper location for your plants to grow.

How-To Determine the electric load of your house

You’re going to need a little more than a calculator to figure out the electrical load of your house. Great savings can be found in knowing the total power consumed per day by all the appliances and electronics in the household.

Top 5 Summertime Insects

As pests are either coming out from their eggs or returning from hibernation, here are the top 5 insects to watch out for in the summertime.

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