Intro To Road-Schooling For The Tiny House Set

Road What??? Let me start by saying that I have little experience with education. Okay, not totally true. I have little experience with non-traditional education. In 2003 I was awarded my Masters of … More

Dreaming of a Mortgage Free Life?

NOTE: This is a guest post from Hari Berzins. Tiny r(E)volution fully supports the mission of the Tiny House Family and proudly endorses their upcoming eCourse.   The other morning, I … More

How-To stay sane in a Tiny House

As a reader of the Farmers' Almanac I am pretty familiar with the fact that this winter is going to be wetter (check), colder (check), and more miserable (check. CHECK) than the past few winters. And … More


Life On The Road As A Digital Nomad

The life of a digital nomad is all about being location independent. A new millenium buzzword? Perhaps. The 21st century telecommuter? Sure. Valid way of living the life of travel … More

Washing Your Clothes When On The Road

I wasn't responsible for my own laundry until I had moved away to college. I was a freshly minted 17-year old faced with a a roll of quarters someone had given me for a high school … More