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Saving seeds to save money and preserve life

At the beginning of this past spring we had the idea that it would be a great idea to save some of our own seeds at the end of a harvest. Not only is it a fantastic sustainable gardening technique but it is also a lesson in frugality. Save seeds = save money. But what seeds do we save? What seeds can we save?

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Get Your Garden Growing Today

Just four years ago I was a self-described brown thumb. It wasn’t because I had definitively proven my inability to grow anything but more because I had given no effort to the task. Until 2008 my gardening was limited to a...

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Romancing the farm

I am not a poet nor am I a poetryfile. And if you are like me than the name Albert Stroud of Coffeyville, Kansas may mean nothing to you. But in 1917 he had a poem published by The Journal Press that seems to speak volumes to...

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