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Santa Claus Haus: subfloor

I was thinking about my posts regarding the Santa Claus Haus and how in depth I wanted to be with them. When this blog first started we were one of only a handful of builders, documenting the day in and day out of a tiny house build. We talked about everything from screws and bolts and how to drill pilot holes to how we felt spending money on each part of the build. We covered our frustrations and our victories. But this build it so different. Years have passed and the Internet has become saturated with tiny house “How...

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Santa Claus Haus: trailer salvage

The trailer the Santa Claus Haus is being built on is a salvage one. We liberated our original tiny house on wheels from a 1967 Shasta travel trailer. It was a bit of a mess but we proceeded and while saving thousands of dollars, invested dozens of hours. When we finished with our build and moved into our tiny home I said on multiple occasions that we would never again build on a salvaged trailer. Yet here we are. I have no idea what make/model the trailer is. What I do know is that it was a 5th wheel...

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Santa Claus Is Coming To Town

I am a huge fan of the Christmas season and by Christmas season I mean that very special time during the first 60 or years of the 20th Century in which Christmas was magical, Santa was beloved, and gifts were given more than received. By mid-October I am full of the Rockwellian spirit of a rosey-cheeked man with a warm smile, a welcoming hug, and some sort of magic in the twitch of his nose. It is with that sort of innocence and charm that I approached my wife some months back with a request to build another tiny...

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A Tiny House Tells His Own Story

I have always loved books. Let me correct myself. I have always loved children’s books. There is something so magical about the vibrant words that often give character to other inanimate objects. The glow of the illustration colors. It is just such a freeing feeling; hearing the stories of far off places and whimsical people. And now that I am a father of a 5-year old who is starting to read on her own and unlocking the magic of story books I have become extra sensitive to the sounds of those magical places within the slick pages of a...

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Tiny House Insurance

We have been a part of the tiny house community and contributors to the ongoing dialogue for just at 7 years now. In the course of that time we have heard conversations come and go. We have also heard some of the same conversations come and go, come back again, and in some cases go away again, and in a few cases, come back again. One of those conversations is the one that starts with the question “Do you have insurance for your tiny house? Have you ever tried to get it?” And while for so long now that...

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