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Santa Claus Haus: frankenframing

In 1811 an 18-year-old author had a waking vision. The year was one of considerable rain and the girl once remarked that the sun had been extinguished. She – Mary Shelley – picked up her pen, closed her drapes, and returned to darkness and clay in her epigraph, which she took from John Milton’s Paradise Lost: “Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay/To mould me man? Did I solicit thee/From darkness to promote me?” And with those words came the tale of the “wretched beast” we now know as Frankenstein. A creature born from the parts of the...

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Lenoir County Public Schools Joins The Tiny House Movement

I have been fortunate enough to team up with our county school system to work with high school students in the CTE (career and technical education) program, to build a 20’ long tiny house on wheels being called the Tiny Blue Devil. The build will be updated on  Students at South Lenoir High School in Deep Run, NC are embarking on a new project that is quickly becoming a big deal even though it is actually quite tiny. “Lenoir County Public Schools strive to give its students as many enriching experiences and opportunities that will expand, not only their...

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Santa Claus Haus: red means red

It has been our experience that putting up LP SmartSide pre-primed panels is vastly easier when at least the first coat of color has been painted on. Not only does it ease your workload once the panels are up but it also makes the build seem that much more efficient because you almost instantly get a feel for what the final product will look like. So we did just that! Starting Sunday afternoon we took to painting the panels, cedar shakes, and soon, the trim, for the Santa Claus Haus. Our purchase ran right at $42.63 and included two...

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Santa Claus Haus: LP SmartSide

It seems that while we may have missed Christmas in July and Santa is not expected to return until Dec. 25, we can still believe in the magic of delivered gifts throughout the year. In fact, just this week our build site was left with a beautiful, stretch film wrapped, bundle of LP SmartSide. If you’ve seen the renderings of the Santa Claus Haus you may notice that it is skinned and textured in what looks to be LP SmartSide, shiplap edge, paneling. You may even have noticed a top portion constructed with SmartSide Cedar Shakes. And if so, you...

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Santa Claus Haus: tags and title

One of the most frustrating things about using a salvage trailer is making sure it is road legal. We had to do it on our first tiny house build in 2010 when we lived in Georgia and now we have had to do it in North Carolina. The process in each state was vastly different and the fees were different as well. First things first. The total fee to get a title for our 12′ Santa Claus Haus “homemade” utility trailer was $103. That paid for the state property taxes, the title itself, the license plate, registration, and the...

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