About_Image_2Thank you for your interest in the Tiny r(E)volution – an Internet home for people interested in simple, minimalist living, and less square feet than most master bedrooms. We’re especially happy you came to our door!

Revolution is a strong word!

Nearly twelve years ago America entered into a time of adjustable-rate mortgages allowing us to build bigger, live larger, and finance more, than we ever had before. Fast forward to today when the nation is crippled by subprime mortgage crisis and home sales are down by nearly 37%.

Somewhere, someone convinced us that in order to be happy and to show our successes we needed to have more stuff and more places to put it. We needed master suites alongside our master baths in our McMansions. We were led to believe our countertops must be granite and that if our heating and cooling system didn’t necessitate multiple zones we were living in too small a house. But is all that true? If our homes are smaller and our possessions minimal, are we still able to make a house a home?

What if we all paid more attention to our passions and our dreams rather than our position in the rat race? What if we traded our 2-story split level dreams for Tiny Houses comprised of less than 300 sq. ft. where you can see all of your worldly possessions simply by revolving in a circle?

Some would probably call it a r(E)volution; a movement as revolutionary as evolutionary.

Tiny r(E)volution is an ever-changing, media-mentary to downsize, minimalize, prioritize, and proselytize, the plight of the Tiny House. Along the way we’ll be sharing our personal stories, our tales of discovery, and lot more information.


This blog is UN-copyrighted. Its authors, Andrew and Crystal Odom, have released all claims on copyright and has put all the content of this blog into the public domain. No permission is needed to copy, distribute, or modify the content of this site. Credit is appreciated but not required.

In other words we don’t own the Internet or your blog. We can’t stop you from reposting anything. And we don’t want to actually. We post because we enjoy it and – more than anything – we hope you do too!


Please note: The header image uses a blueprint most readily identified as that of the Popomo Tiny House as designed by Jay Shafer and displayed on the Tumbleweed Tiny House webpage. It is being used as creative commons as Tiny r(E)volution is a no-income, personal blog, designed and written for information and personal purposes only. No money is being made from the image and the term Tiny r(E)volution is neither trademarked nor copywritten.

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  • Sabrina Saxon

    Thank you both for being here!    

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  • Louise Farquhar

    I am based in Scotland and trying to build a tiny house. Most of the information I need can be found online but I would like to see a plan, especially concerning attaching to a trailer. I cant afford the Tumbleweed plans for the trailer homes at all! Can I ask how you made your plans, and if you would see me a copy?
    Thanks, and hope you dont mind the questions.
    Louise Farquhar

    • Sarah

      I am half way through building my tiny house, and I also decided that I could not afford the plans. Buying them would have saved me far more money than they cost, between buying materials in larger quantities, and understanding the standard sizes of things, I suspect we would have made back the cost of the plans three times over by now, and we’re only half done.

  • http://lifeisshortsawn61.blogspot.com Sue Nugent

    Not sure if this is the right place for my comment, but as for keeping the heat out of the house when cooking, I see others who cook even breakfast outdoors on a grill of some type. That would be another way of getting your morning fresh air and your meal.And it is so relaxing.

    • anotherkindofdrew

      Hey there Sue. We have recently cooked some breakfast outdoors as we only now got a good propane burner to use rather than a tabletop grill. In the future we hope to have a larger, kitchen-type, grill to use all year round for all meals.

      Thank you so much for contributing with a comment!

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    Its great for me to know about you guys.

  • http://www.mactonweb.com Web design London

     I cant afford the Tumbleweed plans for the trailer homes at all! Can I ask how you made your plans, and if you would see me a copy?Thanks, and hope you dont mind the questions.

    • anotherkindofdrew

      We don’t have concrete plans at this point. We have 99% sure plans. I started by reviewing a ton of other designs. I then made a list of what we wanted to include and what we felt was unnecessary. From there I took to Google Sketchup and just started toying around!

  • Robrheaume1965

    I am reading thru your manifesto.  I dream of living this life style and I envy you guys.  One day in two short years, I will complete this plan, so long as I can convince my wife.  I know this style of living is for me considering how much at peace I am when I am backpacking in the mountains.  There is nothing more rewarding than using the minimal amount of equipment to live.  I purchased my tiny house plans early this year from Dan Louche.  I am really looking forward to challenging myself in the cold Canadian winters here in Alberta where it can get as low as minus 40. However, heating a 140 sq ft home is much more effective than heating the current one I live in which is 2400sq ft, if you include the basement.  

    I am currently writing this in my family room, approx 250 sq feet.  Now considering that I have spent 6 hours of my time in this room since I came home at 4pm (it is now 10pm), I have been heating 2150 sq ft and not even used it.  When I go to bed, I will substitute this room for anther room upstairs which is about the same size.  So once again a majority of my home will get heated, yet unattended.  It does seem like such a waste of space, fuel, money and yet, we have grown into this sense of entitlement.  

    The outdoors will become my living space.  As mentioned in other comments, I intend to cook outdoors when the weather cooperates.  I do have plans to build other structures on my property (acreage when I purchase it).  Some of those structures will include storage space for my mountain bikes, canoes and other outdoor equipment.  Possibly a car port or garage and make use of the troughs to collect rain water for other uses.  An sauna, along with a very simple shower facility that uses water heated buy the sauna wood stove. 

    I am not sure whether I am going to have a bathroom in my tiny home yet or have an external building with composting toilet.  If I do this, this will give me some extra living or storage space in the home.  

    Thanks for posting your thoughts and information.  The more dialogue I come across, the more I am convinced this it the way to go.  I wish everyone reading this the best of luck completing your tiny house dream.

    Rob Rheaume

    • http://www.tinyrevolution.us anotherkindofdrew

      I hear you Rob and I am so happy that we could inspire you to both think and act. The tiny lifestyle is not for everyone. However, you have come to realize that perhaps you are wasting some resources you simply don’t need. You know what you are really entitled to? FREEDOM! That means freedom from a huge mortgage, from others’ perception of you, and from THINGS. So brother, we encourage you. Go out and seek that freedom! And thank you for joining the r(E)volution. If you are on Facebook be sure to follow us at http://www.facebook.com/tinyrev

      • Maggie

        Freedom!!! Love that you know your wife’s wardrobe so well….adorable and living in FREEDOM…very inspiring family. Thx.

    • Rob Rheaume

      What about laundry.  My guess is you don’t use laundry machines?  I suppose you have your clothing down to a minimum as well.  

      I don’t think this kind of living is for everyone either.  The topic of this has come up more around North America.  I am not the type of person who would create this minimalist style of living, than turn around and demand that it should be law (I would like to see laws changed that currently have several roadblocks to this style of living).  I became interested in this because people are just doing it on their own. They are not waiting for Government to do it for them, not looking for a handout.  I do think this movement deserves more exposure so that people can talk about it and make the change voluntarily.  That is the best approach.  I wouldn’t appreciate being Voluntold!  

      • http://www.tinyrevolution.us anotherkindofdrew

        We do do laundry. However, we “rent” the use of our brother-in-law and sister-in-laws machine/dryer. For under garments, cloth diapers, etc, we hand wash and then dry in our bathroom area. During the summer we wash but hang things on the line outside. We try to get by with as little appliance use as possible. We actually like our clothes from the line. And yes, we have our clothing to what we need. I personally have 2 pair of overalls (one is quilted for winter), a pair of jeans, 2 pair of shorts, 5 t-shirts, 2 button up shirts, a pair of rancher boots, a pair of Birkenstocks, and a pair of sneakers. I do own a tie but I have NO idea where it is. 

        This living is NOT for everyone. You are quite right about that. I wouldn’t want to impose it on anyone because it has to be a mindset and not just a living choice. You have to be free in your mind to be free in your life. And you are right, it has NOTHING to do with the government. Most folks involved in tiny living and small living or simple living want the gov’t to UNinvolve themselves on most fronts. 

        • Rebeca

          What is Crystal’s wardrobe like?

          • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

            Well, she has the largest collection of “Life is Good” tshirts I have ever seen. HAHAHAHA. Seriously, she has 3 pair of denim shorts (same style, color, etc….I guess when you find a pair that works, huh?), 1 pair of capris, 1 pair of overalls (for working outside and on tiny house), a pair of black dress slacks, and 2 pair of jeans. Beyond that, she typically wears tshirts (she is a SAHM) but has 1 sweater, 2 button-up shirts, a fleece, and a Carhartt coat.

    • Tchip

      Hey Rob
      I live in Edmonton Alberta and I am in the process of building my Tiny home. Look me up at http://www.tynyhouseproject.wordpress.com
      I would be interested in talking with you.

  • MrsCori

    Are you related to Jessie Odom?

    • anotherkindofdrew

      Not that I know of. I mean, it is possible, but I am not familiar with a Jessi.

    • Andrew Odom

      I don’t think so, no. At least no kin I know is named Jessie. Where abouts are they located?

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    Thanks for posting your thoughts and information.  The more dialogue I
    come across, the more I am convinced this it the way to go.  I wish
    everyone reading this the best of luck completing your tiny house dream.

  • Treesonggal

    Found your blog through TinyHouseBlog. Will spend some time getting to know you and yours. Love it already.

    • Andrew Odom

      Excellent. Thank you so much for visiting us. If you are on Facebook you can also be part of our community there by visiting http://www.facebook.com/tinyrev

  • wesley nakamatsu

    I am very very interested in tiny homes that are mobile at 36 I am a single father raising two kids alone so my girl is 6 and my boy is almost 2 years old ..well I was doing all the research I can and was wondering if I am crazy for trying to do this with two kids? I already thought a lot about it and my positive really made a huge mark and to benefit them in many ways about life and to appreciate everything and so much more but am I missing something?.. Help me is there any parents in these homes that can share their experience….???

    • Maggie

      Wow…loving this blog…found it through links to your (Andrew’s)comments about Tiny (the film) as I am pouring over every teenise morsel I can about Tiny House building and hoping to start on a project soon that will manifest a mobile tiny home for myself and my son, 8. We are already revolutionizing our lives in a lot of ways and this just makes so much sense and opens up so many avenues for learning, sustainability, simplified living, and discussions about so so much and creating so many opportunities to share of ourselves. Will keep you posted Wesley n all as our little Radical Roof Raising progresses. Thank you soo much for the inspiration here, and Wesley as another 36 year old single parent I had to smile and give you a big hell yes!! on this being doable with young children. Heck they’re tiny house sized….it’s better than having more adults;). What a gift to create a sustainable home together. We downsized our space enormously this year and it has been heavenly. Living 3 blocks from the beach helps;) but really in more ways than I can count it is lovely. So I’m ready for even tinier and more mobile. Let’s talk community! Would be very interested to consider a neighborhood of tiny homes! loveisourpurpose@gmail.com Thanks guys, Maggie

      • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

        Hey y’all. We have written a couple of times about kids in tiny houses. It is well beyond doable. I can think of four families off the top of my head with multiple kids. There are a lot of considerations, sure, and I encourage you to think far outside of the box and don’t limit yourself to popular or well-advertised tiny house plans. You do need to think about some modicum of privacy both for parents and kids. Consider designing your own tiny house or hiring someone to help. Kevin at Cozy Home Plans, Carrie at clotheslinetinyhomes, Malissa at Tiny Tack House, and even Dan Larouche are all solid designers you may want to contact. I won’t lie. Moving into a tiny house with a child or children is a huge step. In a lot of municipalities you still have to find out if they accept tiny houses and then you have to consider department of family and child services that may require certain sizes for legal living. This is not to discourage anyone. It is just a word from someone who has been walking down this road for over two years and had to truly forge the path as there wasn’t one yet.

        • Maggie Natasha Johnson

          Thank you Andrew and thank you to you and your fam for forging ahead. It can get lonely out on the leading edge sometimes, huh? I hope as we go forward we can look to you for more information as well thanks for the contacts and if you have links to maybe a blog of a family with kiddos living tiny house style that would be awesome opossum. Thx, Maggie

    • Diane Ramirez

      Wesley you are not missing anything. Now my perspective is as a parent of 4 and Grandparent of 6. As well as a single parent, that worked so much and missed so much. Keep them close in a tiny house, be right next to them all the time. My hope is to have a tiny house in a year, if not , atleast a tiny trailer That is gutted and given a tiny house makeover inside. My goal is to influence half of my children to do the same. The world is tough out there. Be close and careful. It is hard to miss things if your children are rarely more than 200 feet away from you, and

  • http://twitter.com/itraveltolearn carlos bill

    Thanks for your posts. So great to find people who believe in the same things! You might enjoy this article I wrote…

    Where are you living? I thought I read something earlier about Prescott and NM but maybe it was a different site. Just asking because I’m in Cave Creek and have some connections to NM. Peace!

    • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

      Thank you for the kind words Carlos.

      The NM couple if over at Clothesline Tiny Homes. We are in NC.

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  • Tiffany Hope

    I have a question you may or may not have an idea or answer for. I’m not sure where you are located (haven’t gotten that far yet), but what would you say as far as the concern of weather stability? I mean, living in ‘tornado alley’ and all, the thought of essentially a trailer home kind of freaks me out for not just tornadoes, that would really wipe anything out, but also just harsh weather in general.
    thank you for your input

    • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

      We are in eastern North Carolina and both hurricanes and tornadoes are a real concern. Our tiny house trailer is now on cinderblock piers and strapped down (like a mobile home). Do we feel safe? Absolutely. I mean, we feel as safe as we would in any house in the path of a twister.