SHBL-Announcement1This four-week, self-guided course is designed to carry you through the beginning stages of building a tiny house. Beginning with the dreaming phase and continuing through the drying in of a tiny house, the course infused my personal experiences with detailed instructions, creative prompts, guest artists, and multi-media, to inspire and educate you. In addition you’ll receive a course PDF and exclusive discounts and giveaways at the end of the course.

During this course you’ll experience:

  • The introduction of the Inspiration Notebook
  • Creative prompts and journaling prompts to help you fill out your notebook
  • Access to a private blog, Facebook community, and daily archives
  • Personal anecdotes from the Tiny r(E)volution build
  • A PDF document that includes the entire course materials

Weekly Themes

Below is a break-down of the course weeks by theme along with a brief description

Week 1: Dreaming. In the first week, we’ll talk about our Inspiration Notebook and how it helps us narrow down our design idea. We will focus on sketching, drawing to scale, basic architectural plotting, and more.

Week 2: Foundations. Nothing is as important to a tiny house trailer as the trailer itself. Week three focuses on educating yourself about trailers followed up by trailer weights, trailer integrity, and beginning to build on one, as well as other lessons.

Week 3: Framing and Sheathing. Week three is about moving from your subfloor to your wall and roof framing. Lessons will cover framing technique, sheathing, and more.

Week 4: Windows, Doors, and Roofs. The final week will bring the course to a close by showing how to totally dry-in your tiny house and add the windows and doors as well as some roofing.

How the Course Works

  • Online and Self-Paced. Unlike workshops scenarios, college courses, and other training events, you don’t need to be anywhere at any certain time to take advantage of this course. It is self-paced. You’ll receive detailed, step-by-step, lessons, Monday through Friday, that will be posted to a private, password-protected blog.
  • Time. Since this is a self-pace course you can take as little time as you want on a specific lesson or as much time. If you miss a day or simply want to take a break, that is okay. Upon “graduation” you’ll receive a PDF that includes the daily lessons.
  • Materials. To participate in this course you’ll need access to a computer, the Internet, an email account, a 3-ring binder, plastic sheet protectors, binder dividers, a journal/scratchpad, a pen, and a willingness to write, draw, sketch, brainstorm, and scratch out!
  • Sharing. If I have learned one thing in my own tiny house building experience it is the value of a like-minded community. We will be using a private Facebook group to connect and share our course experience. There we can post photos, have frank conversation, discuss building methods, etc. I can’t play this up enough, as it is a great way to meet those who will keep you encouraged and inspired.

Course Details

    • Next Class: Enrolling now
    • Registration opens: TODAY….here!
    • Start Date: Monday, May 26, 2014
    • Duration: 4 weeks
    • Cost: $80.00


If you have any questions regarding the course, please email me directly at andodom[at]gmail[dot]com.


NOTE: During the registration period there may be times when promotional considerations are made and discounts are offered. During this period Tiny r(E)volution will not be offering refunds, rain checks, or other monetary compensation. Once registered and the course fee has been paid refunds are handled by special request only. Other terms may apply.