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The Santa Claus Haus Is Parade Ready

Who builds an 84 sq.ft. house? Not many. But this build was special. Designed as a marketing method for the modern tiny house movement as well as a way to promote the 2017 TinyHouseNC Street Festival, the Santa Claus Haus has already become a holiday staple in the Lenoir Co. and Duplin Co. area. Seen in holiday parades, Santa photos, and even a church musical, the Santa Claus Haus is 84 sq.ft. of visionary goodness. Watch and see for...

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Santa Claus Haus

In mid-2016 we decided to build a micro tiny house on wheels that sported a Christmas theme. Dubbed ‘The Santa Claus Haus’, this 84 sq.ft. THOW took only a few months, less than $1,000 cash, some great products, and a fair amount of elbow grease. You can follow the process by blog posts: Idea Trailer Subfloor Tags and Title LP SmartSide Painting Framing Parade or you can watch the short video: Search for: Our Books Tiny House...

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Santa Claus Haus: parade prep

We left off last time with frankenframing and all that came with it. Once the tiny house on wheels was framed or franken-framed, there wasn’t much left to do. Granted the tiny house is not livable, it also was not intended to be. In fact, I really only set out to build a shell until February or so of 2017. But why? Why take the time and make the effort to build something if it couldn’t be lived in? First of all, an empty tiny house shell is cheaper to build and lighter to tow. Secondly, it allows you...

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Santa Claus Haus: frankenframing

In 1811 an 18-year-old author had a waking vision. The year was one of considerable rain and the girl once remarked that the sun had been extinguished. She – Mary Shelley – picked up her pen, closed her drapes, and returned to darkness and clay in her epigraph, which she took from John Milton’s Paradise Lost: “Did I request thee, Maker, from my clay/To mould me man? Did I solicit thee/From darkness to promote me?” And with those words came the tale of the “wretched beast” we now know as Frankenstein. A creature born from the parts of the...

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Santa Claus Haus: red means red

It has been our experience that putting up LP SmartSide pre-primed panels is vastly easier when at least the first coat of color has been painted on. Not only does it ease your workload once the panels are up but it also makes the build seem that much more efficient because you almost instantly get a feel for what the final product will look like. So we did just that! Starting Sunday afternoon we took to painting the panels, cedar shakes, and soon, the trim, for the Santa Claus Haus. Our purchase ran right at $42.63 and included two...

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