There is nothing new about Deek and even his brother Dustin, leading a tree-house building workshop. When you are King you must continue to shape your kingdom. Suffice to say Deek has proven he is the king of the funky forts and relaxshacks world! What is so unique about his workshops though is that they are so intimate. In this new era of large festivals and celebrations of the tiny house lifestyle, it is rare that you get to stand beside a tiny house luminary and work with him. That is exactly what you’ll get to do as one of the 12 (the workshop is limited to the first 12 interested parties) students chosen to take part in the tree house building and design intensive. And who wouldn’t want to learn from and alongside Deek and Dustin?

The brother have build numerous tree houses over the years and even one recently for the HGTV show “Tiny House Builders” which they also hosted. The two are in great practice and have more to offer than ever. Even with all of that there is more than makes this workshop so special. The workshop will be centered around continuing a tree house build Deek designed and is now building for the Make-A-Wish foundation. Workshop participants will get to see the tree house first hand, as well as learn from it, as the brothers guide you through many of its how-to steps. The learning is in the doing and during this workshop you’ll:

  • Build/frame a sleep loft in the tree house
  • Take part in basic framing
  • Be taught several techniques in attaching platforms/structures to trees
  • Cover which trees you should be looking for
  • Learn to install cedar shingling with us
  • Learn re-strengthening techniques like “knee bracing” a structure
  • Work on interior cladding/sheathing the structure
  • Build a ladder/stairs with us

The focus of this workshop though is the build for Make-A-Wish which Deek was approached by a few months back. Deek used to know the father of the Make-A-Wish recipient from the CT hardcore/metal scene back in the day. The son had been following Deek’s work and videos for some time, and when he did a Connecticut talk and book signing for Microshelters, both father and son came out to pitch the idea. Eddie, the son, wanted for his wish, a tree house designed by me, built by me, and with my artwork in it. Deek couldn’t refuse such an offer.

As a father himself, Deek can only imagine how important it must be to give your son, who has gone through so much, a huge, exciting, part of their childhood back; to absolutely “wow” them with such a colossal gift of love and care. That’s exactly what the Gonzales family is doing for Eddie, with the help of Make-A-Wish. Says Deek, “I’m honored to have been asked. Eddie’s a great kid- just a really smart and brave guy- and I can’t wait to see his face when we unveil the whole tree house!”

Deek Treehouse

A modern tree house with a LEGO theme, the house has received a huge materials donation from LEGO, and Deek, himself, has been working a lot with graffiti art and cartoonish robot pieces for the unveiling. Once done it will look like a 20ft. tall glowing lantern and you can be part of it all!

By working hands-on at these style tiny house and tree house workshops, you really get a better understanding of the approach and the “why” and “how” of the build. You are being shown and then are instructed to do, all under the watchful eye of a seasoned professional. You are wielding a hammer, getting dirty, and even making mistakes, which is a crucial part of learning. Deek is known for saying, “make the mistakes here on my project, and not your own. Get the bumps worked out now, and don’t beat yourself up when things occasionally go wrong”. At the end of the day, or end of the weekend, you’ll have a tremendous sense of accomplishment, a working knowledge, and “bragging rights” to boot!

And in true Deek fashion the full day hands-on workshop will end with a pizza party/hang session, with food from “Grand Apizza”, one of the nation’s top ranked pizzerias!

This particular workshop is only limited to 12 people in order to keep it focused, intimate, and fun! Visit Relaxshacks for details!