Month: August 2016

Deek Diedricksen Hosts A Hands-On Workshop To Benefit Make-A-Wish

There is nothing new about Deek and even his brother Dustin, leading a tree-house building workshop. When you are King you must continue to shape your kingdom. Suffice to say Deek has proven he is the king of the funky forts and relaxshacks world! What is so unique about his workshops though is that they are so intimate. In this new era of large festivals and celebrations of the tiny house lifestyle, it is rare that you get to stand beside a tiny house luminary and work with him. That is exactly what you’ll get to do as one...

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Dreaming Big With Lora Higgins

Wednesday, I wrote about a relatively new author in the modern tiny house movement and her book Dream Big, Live Small: A Guide For Downsizing and Intentional Living (or How Not To Panic in 200 Square Feet). I talked to her just after the post went live and asked if I could interview her to give r(E)volutionaries a bit more insight to the Tiny House Teacher. She agreed and I let the questions roll… Andrew Odom:  Do you currently live in a tiny house? If so, what kind? Did you build or buy? Lora Higgins:  I currently live full-time in my...

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Learning To Dream Big Even In A Small Space

There was a day when I was a voracious reader. In fact, it was through reading that I learned that word; voracious. I have gone a number of places, had a multitude of adventures, and met some incredible characters, through reading. These days though I don’t read much as I am usually too busy (if there is such a thing) to stop writing long enough to read another’s words. Every so often though I experience a book that makes me set aside everything else and really wet that once insatiable appetite. Such is the case with Lora Higgins’ book...

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What State Are You In? Show Your Home Some Love With Home State Apparel

Whether reading a good book in a comfy sweatshirt or drinking hot coffee from your favorite mug, home means something different to everyone. Home State Apparel is a sustainable company based in Greensboro, NC, that practices living-wage economics guided by a few simple core principles: to provide the highest quality products, deliver exceptional customer service, and to have fun doing it. They offer clothing accessories home decor drinkware and seasonal items And now you can sport some of your own Home State Apparel goodies (a wall plaque, a pint glass, and a keychain). All you need to do is enter...

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Dream Tiny With BEHR® Paint And Win Big

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is brought to you by BEHR® Paint. Color that’s True to Hue. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Behr.  Color is so very important in regards to turning a house into a home. From the exterior hue to the interior shades, color plays such a huge role in determining our own mood as well as those of our neighbors. In her 1913 book The House in Good Taste, American decorating maven Elsie de Wolfe wrote “we must consider the effect of color...

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