For almost a decade now Kent Griswold has been forging a path of discover for the tiny house community. He has created a huge resource in the Tiny House Blog that has brought tiny houses, small houses, tiny house products, and cottage industries, to the forefront. For over three years now he has added to that offering a stellar ePublication with Tiny House Magazine. The only magazine of its kind in the world, THM documents the true stories behind some of our favorite tiny houses and tiny housers. Along with a solid group of regular contributors including Christina Nellemann, Joshua Becker, Kirsten Dirksen, Steven Harrell, Kelly Ross, and Malissa Tack, THM has also published articles by a bevy of guest contributors including (but certainly not limited to) Kai Rostcheck, MJ Boyle, Joshua Engberg, Michael Boyink, Chrissy Bellmeyer, Nina Nelson, Genevieve Stolz, Gabriella Morrison, Jess Sullivan, Logan Smith, and numerous others. The variety of voices and narratives has been truly inspirational.Magazine Pages3

During that time the magazine has also displayed some incredible tiny houses, small houses, live-aboard boats, conversion buses, yurts, and even, most recently, a high wall tent, on its cover. That isn’t even to mention the stunning photographry that is shown inside the issue with monthly features including ‘Builder of the Month’, ‘On The Cover’, ‘Kelly’s Kitchen’, ‘From Your Neighbor’, ‘Seen & Scene’, and ‘The Last Call.’

I was fortunate enough to be asked to join the THM team in late 2014 as a layout designer. Given my past experience with print publications I felt like it was a good fit combining my skills with my passions. I jumped at the opportunity and have been working alongside Kent since then. It has been a tremendous opportunity and has allowed me to see just how valuable this resource is to the tiny house community!

In late 2015 it was reported by Forrester Research Inc. that the average American picks up his/her mobile device 150 to 200 times a day. Couple that statistic with the fact that mobile device users age 25-44 use their device up to 2.69 hours a day and you have a staggering demand for quality online content. Tiny House Magazine delivers just that and with the style and substance of a more traditional print magazine. Because it is a complete ePublication you can have your monthly tiny house headlines with you all the time, anytime! Each issue is available in standard PDF, an iOS version, a Kindle version, and an Android compatible version. And just yesterday Issue 43 became available for download at just $4.99.


I invite you to purchase a copy of Tiny House Magazine today and see what an incredible resource it has become in the tiny house community.