Month: July 2016

Sizing Up The Tiny House Phenomena

The following OpEd first appeared in Issue 43 of Tiny House Magazine. That issue and all other back issues are available to purchase. We live in a world where there seems to be some perverse power in polarization. We feel validated in our own prejudice. Veiled as it may be, it is still prejudice. Don’t believe me? Take a long look at some of the most used hashtags in social media over the last six months. They all have an adjective followed by the words lives and matter. Granted they are truisms, they are still polarizing. At first glance...

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A Barn Raising…sort of!

We first wrote about LP® SmartSide® on June 6, 2012. We had just installed our siding and were smitten with the result. In true Tiny r(E)v fashion we even shared a video on our experience with the material. LP® Building Products is a leading manufacturer of high quality building materials. Builders and homeowners use their products primarily in new construction, repair and remodeling, and manufactured housing. LP® products are sold through distributors, dealers, professional lumberyards, and retail home centers. LP® SmartSide® Trim & Siding is technically a product for non-residential facilities with style as it offers the warmth and beauty of...

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Win The Simple Life

Ryan and Hannah Corson of the Restoring Simple Homestead have long been friends of the Tiny r(E)volution. The two met in 2012 at a coffee shop in Golden, Colorado, and have been creating a wonderful homestead since. In just a few weeks the couple will be welcoming their first child into the world and embarking on yet another wonderful adventure. It should be noted that the couple also came to our attention just after their wedding when they were fast building their 200 sq.ft. tiny house on wheels. More recently they contributed a chapter to the long-awaited book Turning Tiny...

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Asking For Help When Building Your Tiny House

There seems to be this unwritten rule in the tiny house world that before you can build a tiny house you need to successfully list the help of your dad. Whether they are contractors or accountants they seem to possess skills that come into play when you are out of ideas. Let’s play a game. It’s called “Where’s Dad?” See if you can spot my dad in the random selection of photos below. My dad helped in almost every aspect of our tiny house build in some capacity or another. Sometimes he was grunt labor and other times he...

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It Is More Than Four Walls And Some Wheels: The Real Stories Behind The Houses

For almost a decade now Kent Griswold has been forging a path of discover for the tiny house community. He has created a huge resource in the Tiny House Blog that has brought tiny houses, small houses, tiny house products, and cottage industries, to the forefront. For over three years now he has added to that offering a stellar ePublication with Tiny House Magazine. The only magazine of its kind in the world, THM documents the true stories behind some of our favorite tiny houses and tiny housers. Along with a solid group of regular contributors including Christina Nellemann,...

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