I get more and more excited each month as a new issue of Tiny House Magazine comes to the forefront. With incredibly talented designers, writers, and contributors working together with Editor Kent Griswold to bring a host of tiny house, small house, and micro-house resources together, each issue is better than the one before and Issue 30 is no different.

Featuring the Wilmington, NC students of Learning H.O.W. the magazine points out the lessons – positive and negative – that building a tiny house can teach. Says student Hannah, “I would rather have had the money to build up front. It takes much longer to raise the money as you go. We stalled out many time due to lack of funds.” It is a sentiment echoed by Ryan Fullerton and his wife in the article “Tiny Is As Tiny Does” who in April 2015 realized that a tiny house, the tow vehicle, and all that go with it may not offer the immediate dividends they had hoped for.

Issue 30

And speaking of dividends, Kai Rostcheck of Tiny House Lending bring a hot topic to the table with his Op-Ed “How Are You Giving Back To The Tiny House Movement?” Writes Kai, “Living Tiny is a personal response, an attempt to rebalance the equation, but I truly hope that’s not the end of the story — that we don’t just downsize and move on — because while you and I may still have choice in the matter, many people don’t. They are at risk, and I believe that you and I can make a difference.”

These stories and many more (including regular features from Kelly Ross, Joshua Becker, Malissa Tack, and Christina Nellemann) are included in this issue of the Tiny House Magazine.

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