I remember so fondly being just 14 years old and smelling rose water for the first time. In retrospect I feel like it was a room spray diluted from a much more potent oil. It was amazing nonetheless as it brought a sense of relaxation, peace, and calm to me. To this day the smell of rose water brings about a fond recollection of focus and energy. I realize now that the aromatic powers of essential oils do just what I first experienced. They can brighten your spirits and feelings. They can brighten the mood in the room and even purify the air. In our own house we like to run lavender and chamomile through our diffuser and during flu season a drop or two of On Guard.

Enhancing Your Home With Essential Oils

It’s exciting even still to think about how essential oils can set the mood in our home be it to calm, uplift, or provide focus. This isn’t even to mention the smell or natural properties that allow us to avoid toxic air fresheners and artificial smells.

But just putting a few drop of essential oil in a diffuser is not the only way to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits available. Below are four ways to take full benefit of essential oils in enhancing your home.

1. Diffuser

This is the most obvious method to many. Whether your diffusor is a low-end model from the local drugstore or a high end model made with hand blown glass on a teak wood base, the act of diffusing essential oils is incredible. Before buying one though a few questions should be considered:

  • How long does it run?
  • How large is it? 
  • Does it have a light? 

2. Room/Linen Spray

Next week we will be posting a video on making our own room spray. In past years I have been in love with room spray and especially Febreze mixes that freshen and feel light in the air. The actual mixing of a spray seems quite easy though. Just take a small glass spray bottle (or BPA free plastic bottle) and fill it almost to the top with distilled water. Add in 10-15 drops of your chosen essential oil, shake and spray. We’re looking forward to making a Summer Citrus which we found on The Prairie Homestead. A little Wild Orange essential oil plus a little Lemon mixed with a bit of Lime essential oil and topped off with a hint of Grapefruit added to water is going to be our “welcome to summer” scent!

3. Steam Inhalation

Have you ever stood in your shower stall, steam rising to the ceiling, and just gently inhaled the scent of your shampoo or body wash? Imagine now taking something as wonderful as Balance essential oil blend from doTERRA (which contains spruce, rosewood, blue tansy, and frankincense and promotes a sense of balance and tranquility) and dropping it on the floor to mix with your hot water and refresh you senses?

4. Direct Inhalation

This is by far the easiest way to benefit from the aromatherapy of essential oils. Remove the top off of your essential oil bottle, hold it up close to your nose and gently breathe in or add a few drops to a tissue, handkerchief, or cotton ball, and breathe in.



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