Month: May 2015

doTERRA And A Guide To A Healthy Pregnancy

It is probably pretty obvious that only one of us in this partnership knows about pregnancy first hand. However, as a work-from-home-husband/dad I was fortunate to spend a fair amount of time with Crystal during her pregnancy. I can remember a number of conversations we had (usually after reading an article or a book) about what we ate and what she specifically put IN her body. However, we also spent some time talking about what she put ON her body. Both of us were quite aware that everything that went in and on was absorbed through blood, fluid, skin, and respiration. Just in my own experiences with bug spray (that includes heavy amounts of DEET) especially we had a good knowledge of what we put on our skin going directly into our bloodstreams. As we continued to read and learn we also found out (or rather were made more aware) that airborne particles that we smell and breath directly affect our brains and organs. (one reason there is so much conversation about types of paint to use in nurseries, etc) Even more so now it has become very important to protect our environment by eliminating toxic substances like air fresheners, paint fumes, perfumes and colognes, cleaning solvents, etc. Awareness is key and as GI Joe always said, “…and knowing is half the battle!” In order to make healthy changes...

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Top 3 Questions About Roadschooling (that people want answered)

BONUS FIRST The best definition I have been able to find of roadschooling as well as the one I have adopted for our families purposes comes from author and educator Nancy Sathre-Vogel. This method of schooling is generally done by a parent, usually while traveling full-time, and provides a hands-on, personal experience for learning. Roadschooling is subject to the same regulations that homeschool families face, and vary from state to state. Parents must register their children in their “home state” and must meet the regulations that their state requires. Depending on how long you plan to travel, it might be worth it to change your residence to a state with less regulations. image source 1. Is Roadschooling Effective? I like to think the obvious answer to this question is yes for the mere fact that roadschooling allows a hands-on experience that gives the student opportunities to gain knowledge in practical and tangible ways. They are able to visit new locales and learn from them directly. Physiologically speaking roadschooling stimulates the use of dendrites in the brain. (feel free to read more about the science behind roadschooling and its stimulus of dendrites by reading this article.) I have learned that it isn’t uncommon or unbelievable that a child who may be reading below a “standard level” for their age to pick up the skill more easily and even excel at it...

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Preventative Healthcare and Simple Living

Since the beginning of Tiny r(E)volution and this web community we have covered a number of subject and extension interests ranging from the obvious (sourcing materials to building a tiny house) to the shameless (think: self-promotion) to the agricultural (remember when we raised hogs?) to now, natural healthcare. And with each topic we cover we ask ourselves a few questions: Is it relevant to the tiny house community? Is it something we truly believe in? If on a mountaintop would be screaming it for the world to hear? Are we willing to lose followers because of this topic? If we answer yes to all of the above then we go for it. After all, the tiny house lifestyle is a number of things far beyond just the walls of a small structure. INTRODUCING doTERRA For me it began about two years ago with an sobbing infant and an impending ear infection.  I contacted my friend Nina who I new had been really studying up on home remedies and essential oils and the like. In fact, just days before she had talked about sending me a doTERRA Family Physician kit. She recommended to me to try Malaleuca, Purify, and Lavender. APPLY THE MIXTURE TO A COTTON BALL AND PLACE OVER YOUR DAUGHTER’S EAR. It sounded simple enough and within minutes the oil was penetrating the ear and the tears slowly...

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Are Tiny House Loans a Good Idea?

Talk of Tiny House Loans is heating up on the interwebs. A little while ago Thom Stanton of Timber Trails posted this warning about lending scams targeted toward the movement. More recently, Tiny House Lending (which partners with licensed U.S. lenders) expanded their service. All of which begs the question: If you can get a Tiny House loan, should you? Are Tiny House loans a good idea? The initial answer is, unfortunately, another question: Compared to what? Today’s post is going to attempt to break down some of the considerations and complications of the topic. Now mind you, it is not going to be a popular topic and it may lose some r(E)volutionaries. But first, a disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. I do not have a degree in economics and I don’t have a horse in this race. Further, I’ve been exceptionally transparent about my own financial history and its effect on my decision to live tiny (or not). Frankly, my personal belief (read: not professional recommendation) is that anyone who can pay cash for a Tiny House should strongly consider doing so as a first option. However, I also see the other side of the fence. Many would-be Tiny House people pay rent or mortgages, and are trapped in that cycle because both are increasing at a rapid clip (see figures 1 and 4). It’s hard...

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The Perfect Tiny House Trailer Has Arrived

Since our initial tiny house build in 2010 it seems trailers for tiny houses have become so much more advanced than the reclaimed Shasta travel trailer frame we plucked from Craigslist for a mere $600. With reinforced rail framing, electronic braking systems, powder coat paint jobs, and properly ratio’d axles, today’s THOW can finally have the foundation it deserves and one of the leaders of that burgeoning industry is MFG Direct Custom Tiny House Trailers run by Joshua and Shelley Engberg. Joshua and Shelley are perhaps best known for their tiny house – the Entertaining Abode – as it was featured on FYI’s Tiny House Nation Season 2 Episode 5. At 224 sq.ft. the Entertaining Abode is a beautiful design with ample room, a clever loft storage system, a generous kitchen space, and a sliding glass, service bar. In addition the two have been both guest and featured contributors for Tiny House Magazine since October 2014. Sourcing a trailer can, in my opinion, be the make or break part of a successful tiny house build. There are essentially three options to choose from: Buying used and restoring/adapting it to your needs. Buying new and off the lot and once again adapting it to your needs. Ordering a custom trailer. The last option as Joshua puts it, “may seem like it’s the most expensive option but doesn’t have to be. One advantage of ordering a custom trailer is...

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