Probably the last thing a tiny houser wants to do is be laid up in bed, staring out the window at an incomplete house. But when you gamble with anything in a building project you run that risk. Such is the case with steps leading up to your trailer floor.

When we were building our tiny house I remember several sets of makeshift stairs including one set made entirely of some old cinderblocks stacked on top of each other. That was the set that almost put me down. Luckily the fall I took did little more than hurt my pride although my shins still bear witness to me stumbling and bumbling and ultimately catching myself only by my shin skin. The second version of steps involved an old set of mobile home steps that had no real cross-bracing and seemed like a state fair fun house if you didn’t walk up them at a very slow speed and in a straight line. Our Aruba travel trailer has proved no different in the stair department.


The metal steps on our rig are literally suspended by four bolts. Yes, you read that correctly. Only FOUR bolts. They are not at all designed for the wear and tear of a full-time nomadic family or a big dude day in and day out. In fact, if I go outside before my wife and daughter wake up my subtle shaking will surely alert them of my absence. It is awful. That is why I decided to cobble together a set of steps that were affordable, easy to break down, and reliable.

I invite you to spend the next 3 minutes watching this short video on how to make a simple set of tiny house steps. Just click on the standard YouTube play button to view.

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