There are countless videos on YouTube. There have been numerous article on the subject. Apple even once told the general public that the iPad would replace the laptop as we knew it. Yet after several years of device use as well as continued laptop use the jury is still out. Can the iPad really replace the laptop? And furthermore, why would a tiny houser dweller care? ComputersThe conversation of downsizing is one that runs almost synonymous with the tiny house lifestyle. How do we lessen our footprint? How can we save 4″ here and 10″ there? Can I have a full size computer if I also have a triple-burner stove? The answer is solely up to you and your computing needs.

At 9.4″ tall (240 mm) by 6.6″ wide (169.5 mm) by 0.29″ deep, the latest iPad unit is rather small compared to the 15-inch MacBook Pro which comes in at a width of 14.13″ (35.89 cm), a depth of 9.73″ (24.71 cm), and a maximum height of 0.71″ (1.8 cm), the two are different but not enough to make or break a purchase either way. The difference lies in the guts. The iPad – in my estimation – is every bit as functional. It uses Apps though rather than actual software programs and has some drawbacks in terms of USB and Bluetooth. The MacBook Pro is probably still best for the power user who wants to run all of the Adobe Creative Suite while also streaming Netflix.

But I invite you to have a look for yourself. Spend the next 3 minutes watching this short video on how to make your iPad perform like a laptop while saving you important space in your tiny house. Just click on the standard YouTube play button to view.

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