From Ethan Waldman of The Tiny

Feeling overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start with your tiny house?

tiny house decisions author ethan waldmanThat’s where I was a few years ago when I first learned about tiny houses, when I was working a traditional 9-to-5 job. After a month-long vacation, I knew I couldn’t last in the corporate world much longer. I had started my own business in pursuit of a more flexible lifestyle, but there was still something missing from the picture.

I knew being in business for myself could mean inconsistent income. My main worry was having to come up with my biggest expense: rent. That was when I discovered an alternative that hooked me – the tiny house movement.

Here was a structure I could build without permits, park without paying taxes, and live in for very little money. I got right to work finding plans, researching, and gathering materials and started building in June 2012. Being a naive and inexperienced builder, I thought I’d have my house built by the end of a summer.

My house took 14 months to complete (and that was with some hired help).

Whether you’re just starting to build your house or still dreaming about how you might make a tiny house happen, you:

  • Want a tiny house that fits you and your lifestyle, not someone else’s
  • Want to save time and money by doing it right the first time
  • Are overwhelmed by how many options you have to choose from, but you want to be informed about those choices

I get it. Before I ever picked up a hammer, I spent hours and hours trying to pick through all the internet’s wisdom on building tiny houses.

You can:

  • Plan your tiny house effectively without spending countless hours researching
  • Save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your tiny house by avoiding common mistakes
  • Feel confident about the choices you’re making – because you’ll know they are the right decisions for you.

But even before you commit to building maybe you want to see a solid video tour of Ethan’s home; design and finished product! After some coaxing by the tiny house community Ethan has released that video.

Filmed by Derek Diedricksen of, the video is a straightforward tour of Ethan’s home as it is today, with him living in it. The cool part is that it was an article about Deek’s $200 micro house in the New York Times that first piqued Waldman’s interest in tiny houses a few years ago.

In the tiny house video tour, Ethan also shares a PERSONAL AND UNIQUE COUPON CODE which can be used for 15% off any package of Tiny House Decisions! You’ve gotta watch to see what it is: