Do You Keep Concrete On Hand?

Oftentimes we are asked how far our minimalist ways go. First of all, let’s be clear. We do not aspire to live in a stark white flat with concrete floors and stainless steel appliances. Our idea of minimalism is not relegated to just aesthetics. It is one founded in the ability to understand our personal need –vs- want. So when asked how deep it goes we often point to ways our home is a bit different from the average. And because we live on the road full-time in a travel trailer our space makes it quite easy to physically keep things scaled back.


In the last few years we have worked hard to really scale back our dependency on man-made drugs and chemical concoctions designed to treat medical symptoms. These days we keep few of these and rarely go to the drugstore for more than a few band-aids, a tube of toothpaste, and perhaps some hair gunk.

So what is in our cabinet?

Priority One

2Above all our medicine cabinet features doTERRA Essential Oils. Perfect for treating ailments at home and in a healthy way essential oils are both affordable and a priority for preventative care. We always have on hand:

Cranberry Supplement

With a 3-year old daughter it seems that urinary tract infections can oftentimes be a problem. To combat this we keep a homeopathic Cranberry supplement as a top shelf item. Cranberry juice is renowned for its effectiveness in treating urinary tract infections because it inhibits bacteria from attaching to the bladder and urethra.


The generic version of Zyrtec this is something we simply can’t live without. We are all 3 affected by allergies and Aller-Tec is an affordable, reliable, substitute that is great for the treatment of both indoor and outdoor allergies.

Ad Nauseum

I could certainly go on and describe shelf by shelf our medicine cabinet. The point though is that minimalizing the medicine cabinet is not just a great practice for ones health but also a great way to keep a snug life. When space is precious we are forced to examine need –vs- want and the medicine cabinet is no place to forget that.

Your Turn

So how can you achieve a minimalist medicine cabinet? Perhaps these steps will give you an edge in your washroom de-cluttering.

How-To Minimize Your Medicine Cabinet:

  1. Ban yourself. Make it a personal practice to put a temporary ban on yourself from buying or bringing home any new products until your old ones are used up or expired.
  2. One is NOT the loneliest number. One tube of toothpaste. One razor. One bar of soap. Find a good, solid product that works for you (and your family) and buy only that product. Use it until it is empty and then replace it.
  3. Organize. Whenever you find yourself with too much of anything, it comes down to making choices. First, prioritize and pick out the items you use the most.
  4. Consolidate Packaging. There is no reason for two half-empty bottle of Robitussin. If they are the same flavor and are basically the same age, combine them and discard of the newly empty bottle.
  5. Throw out expired and nearly empty medicines. Check expiration dates! Not everything needs to be thrown out immediately, but get rid of bottles that have been sitting in the back of your medicine cabinet for a long time. No one should ingest a liquid capsule that has liquified, solidified, and then liquified again.


BONUS TIP: Minimize the danger – Don’t allow your kid to become a statistic. It is so easy for children to overdose on prescription medicines or even some toxins they may get their hands on. Keep 90% of the medicine cabinet items out of the way of children.