Over the course of the last four years we have shared over 400 blog posts with the Tiny r(E)volution community. Some obviously better than others. Some more insightful than others. Some far more personal than others. As with many things though the well has run a bit dry. I find myself literally asking, “what can I write about today?” I don’t want that.

Four years ago or better (approximately 415 posts ago) we set out to create a tiny house resource that would be a mixture of quality content curated from the web, interviews, anecdotes, images, and How-To’s. A place where people could go to find answers to questions that we were not able to find when we looked. I feel as if we have achieved that in a magical way (and in part to a wonderfully supportive community). But now we need to rest; to refresh. We need to just sit back and live and reassess.

So with that I am flipping over the “Gone Fishin” sign and taking a summer holiday. Today is my last post for a bit.

Over the course of the summer I will be highlighting archive posts and information that responds to questions we are frequently asked. On occasion there may be new content if something really strikes.

We thank you for your constant support and your readership. Have a great summer!