A home should grow with the family inside it. No family should have to adjust themselves – their lives, their dreams, their habits – to fit a house. The r(E)volution is just that. The r(E)volution is a home that will grow as we do.
~ Andrew Odom, Oct. 2010

TH montage

When Crystal and I began designing our tiny house we started out as most do. We had seen the Tumbleweed designs and were convinced that we needed to build on 16′ with a sleeping loft. Our walls would be tongue and groove, our roof red metal. But as we dug deeper into the mental, emotional, spiritual, and commercial aspects of a tiny house life we realized that that would not fit us. We analyzed our needs versus our wants. We looked to other arenas for inspiration. We took note of the clever storage in RVs. We bookmarked the aged wood in old farm houses. We smiled at the colors of Bahamian beach cottages. We quickly realized that our tiny house was going to be uniquely us while still maintaining the charm of a “traditional” tiny house.

Built on a salvaged 30′ travel trailer, our tiny house is a single-level living, 240 sq.ft., yellow-clad, tiny house with more features than we ever imagined and today we announce that the original Tiny r(E)volution tiny house can be yours.

No, we aren’t selling our building plans. In fact, there are no real building plans unless you count napkin sketches, half-completed SketchUp designs, and a few crude drawings on the back of bank statements and junk mail.

We are selling THE house and we are asking just $16,100 USD.

Please click on any of the links below to find out more about the house, see the most recent photo gallery (or email for photo archives of the entire build process and current condition), inquire about Tiny r(E)volution, make press requests, schedule a visit, or to purchase the tiny house.




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