Ben Builds A Tiny House – a short film from Small Is Beautiful!

by andrewodom on May 10, 2014 · 2 comments

Ben Builds A Tiny House – Small is Beautiful [Short] from Jeremy Beasley on Vimeo.

Ben Builds a Tiny House is a short film from the feature length documentary currently in production titled Small is Beautiful.

The film shows the real life journey of people building and living in their own tiny houses, how they got there, the challenges they face and what living tiny is really like.

This is not the first documentary to focus on tiny houses (TINY, for example, tells the story of one couple’s tiny home journey). However, after exploring what was out there, director Jeremy Beasley saw there was a gap. He explains, “I wanted to go deeper than the aesthetic appeal of tiny houses. I wanted an understanding of how they affect peoples lives.”

Small is Beautiful is about what the Tiny House lifestyle enables, as much as it is about the houses themselves.

The film is currently in production with a scheduled release later this year. To see the film visit:


  • Bush Bernard

    “This thing is doing everything it can to not get built.” :)

    • Laura

      Hilarious! I laughed huge when he said that! Perhaps because I identified!
      Tiny House Ontario

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