Travel All Across This Land

So we live in our old van
Travel all across this land
Me and you

We’ll end up hand in hand
Somewhere down on the sand
Just me and you

Just as free
Free as we’ll ever be
Just as free
Free as we’ll ever be

We drive until the city lights
Dissolve into a country sky
Just me and you

And so go the lyrics to ‘Free’ by Zac Brown Band. Since 2010 Crystal and I have been singing those lyrics on numerous road trips, highways, byways, and adventures in between. And on more than one occasion we have caught each others eye, given a smile (you know, the kind where one half of your mouth raises up first and with it your eyes seem to light up), and let it rip: JUST AS FREE. FREE AS WE’LL EVER BE………..

For the past four years that express route to freedom has come through our tiny house adventure. It has been a traffic pattern that has taken us by financial freedom, freedom from the real estate marketplace, freedom from our old consumer mindset, workplace freedom, and so much more. Which is why it gives me great pleasure to share that we are preparing to (and I borrow from Mr. B. Bunny himself) “take a left turn at Albuquerque”. What do I mean? Well, just recently we have become the owners of a beautiful 2007, 27-foot, Aruba travel trailer. We are going to spend the next few weeks (and possible months) breathing new life into by way of gutting it and renovating it and then spending what we hope will be much of our immediate future living in it and traveling.

I say all this not to open up a discussion about DIY tiny houses -vs- RVs or the suitability and/or sustainability of RVs as tiny houses. I am far beyond those conversations at this point. I first thought about the idea in 2010 and wrote about it here and most recently talked about 5 Reasons to Live In A Tiny House as well as 5 Reasons to Live In An RV. I say that because if you are reading this post you are a r(E)volutionary. You are someone who is on this adventure with us and you are interested in how life unfolds for us.

We have often said that a house should grow with the needs of the family and the not vice-versa. At this point in life our need is to “drive until the city lights dissolve into a country sky….” And we want to do such in a traditional travel trailer that we convert into a home on wheels. We are going to rip down the hideous border, paint the walls, change the light fixtures, reimagine the bathroom, create a space for our daughter, etc. And on our travels we hope to meet other tiny housers, visit friends who have existed only on the Internet to this point, and see parts of America we have only before talked about.


What Can We Expect From The Blog?

We are still going to be posting as always. In fact, we don’t even see a difference in information really between building and living in a DIY tiny house and renovating and living in a traditional travel trailer. We won’t really even entertain the “thin line” that has begun to show up in tiny house conversations. Instead we are going to offer a whole new wave of How-To’s including how to get rid of the awful border in RVs without destroying the walls (hint: the solution kind of smells like collard greens)! So we do hope you enjoy the next adventure of this r(E)volution and that you continue to find the information we offer to be informative, exciting, and transformational.

Coming up next? Planning your RV reno.


  1. Linda J says

    Congratulations! We have lived in our RV for 9 years and still love the small space and large outdoors. We don’t travel as much as we did in the beginning but it is wonderful to always have our home with us, no matter where we go.

  2. Michelle says

    I just can’t get too excited about a modern RV like I can about vintage ones or Tiny Houses. With that being said, however, I can’t wait to see what you’re able to do. RV’s definitely have the advantage of being lighter and, thusly, more mobile. I can understand why so many people have them! Good luck, have fun, and I’ll link your progress reports to my Trailer Project’s Facebook page!

    • says

      I totally understand Michelle. We weren’t all that excited when we felt the urge to go either. However, that is when we realized that what we really liked was the shell, the cost (in both time and money) of renovating one -vs- building a more mobile tiny house (remember, ours is 30’….our tiny house, I mean), and the possibilities of just finding a new style. So please do stay tuned as I can tell you….our TT is going to be unlike many you have seen before. That nasty border they use? Already gone! The tweed upholstery? Heck, we got rid of all the furniture too! It is going to be fun.

      And what is your trailer projects page? I would love to check it out.

  3. Suzannah Kolbeck says

    I am looking forward to all of your adventures. Maybe we will join you at some points on your travels!!

  4. says

    Hi Andrew and Crystal! That is a wonderful plan! We enjoyed our 6 months in Panama, something that would never have been possible unless we had lived in and enjoyed our tiny house for 3 years. My son finally speaks Spanish! Finally, after 16 years of our tutoring :) Can’t put a price on that. You speak eloquently about what it means to be financially free, there really is no way to define it completely, but you were right spot on. We will be here in the US for a short while as we regroup. We have our sights on China now…..Cracking open the Mandarin books…..I will enjoy your experiences!

    • says

      LOVE y’all so much Debra. Great to hear about your families growth and your sons new language. I bet y’all had a blast and I pray your next experiences will be just as grand! Do stay in touch.

    • Hari Berzins says

      Hi Debra! Great to see you. Sounds like all is well, and that makes me happy. Do you keep a blog anymore?

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