r(E)vo Convo 56: A conversation with Boomer Sassman


Boomer Sassmann is one of the founding members of the Asheville Tiny House Association in North Carolina. He has been working with metal since he was in high school and when he realized that he could use his skills to build homes, a whole world opened up for him. He currently runs a web design business, Big Boom Designs, and uses his own website as a place to showcase his own designs for container homes. The r(E)vo Convo was excited to speak with him about the possibilities in using cargo shipping containers to build small – and not so small – homes.


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  1. Nancy Lopez says

    I want to find someone who is experienced with building container homes. I would like to
    have a container home here in Asheville as my Spring/Summer/Fall home.
    I am looking for referrals to people who can help me do this.
    Thanks so much, Nancy Lopez


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