CONFESSION: I was ill-prepared in my idea of packing for this adventure. I left ALL cold weather clothing (including my favorite green, Scottish wool sweater back in North Carolina). I didn’t bring enough t-shirts and I brought way too many pairs of socks for a guy that wears Birkenstocks. Oh, and did I mention that I packed a pair of khaki pants that I honestly haven’t worn in over a year? Well, I hope today’s post helps you avoid the mistakes I had made by offering ideas on the essential wardrobe needed for RV living in order to avoid a jam-packed tiny closet, keep your style, and maintain storage space where needed.

First there are a few simple rules to go by:

  1. Check the expiration date. If you have not worn an item in the last 90 days get rid of it either by consignment, online sale, thrift store, regifting, or making a household rag out of it. If it is a “hair band” shirt from the late 80s to the mid 90s just throw it away! They aren’t coming back.
  2. Versatility is key!  Pick a few palettes  and commit to them.  Clothes need to be interchangeable as well as your accessories.  You may also want to choose fabrics that can be worn year round and don’t require special laundering.
  3. Practice one in / one out.
  4. Can you feel the love? If you don’t love it, don’t buy it!  If it doesn’t make you feel good about yourself or bolster your confidence then just walk away.
  5. Back to the basics!  The LBD is the perfect dress for women for a reason. It is timeless. For men khakis that are relaxed and fit well are also timeless. Simple pieces are just easier to mix and match.
  6. Accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!  For women simple outfits can be transformed with a great hat, scarf, belt, set of bangles, or a great necklace.
  7. Weathermen are wrong all the time. Weather does its own thing no matter what is being called for. As an RV’er you never know what the weather is going to do during the day so be prepared. Carry at least one item for every environment.

For a 3-6 month excursion consider the following.


  • Underwear – 14 pairs. You may want to try a brand like Exofficio that are odor resistant, moisture wicking, durable, lightweight, and quick drying
  • Socks – 7 footie socks (for sneakers) and 7 long (2 should be wool for colder weather)
  • Jeans – 2 casual, 1 dressier
  • Khakis – 2 different colors. I always recommend Bills Khakis as they are Made in the USA and can withstand the nomadic life. They are a bit pricey, yes, but you get what you pay for!
  • Shorts – 5
  • T-Shirts –  10 short sleeve and 2 long sleeve
  • Polo’s –  1
  • Blazer – A well made blazer can be worn with any of the above pants, the above polo, or even a t-shirt and instantly gives you a more dressed up appearance. Take note of the LL Bean Men’s Classic Travel Blazer.
  • Casual Sweater – 2
  • Pajamas – Seriously? Men, don’t you just sleep in your boxers? You may consider a pair of basketball shorts but don’t get crazy!
  • Slippers – 1 pair
  • Dress Clothing – 1 pair of slacks, 2 long sleeve button downs, and an appropriate belt
  • Shoes – 1 pair of flip flops, 1 pair of hiking/walking shoes, 1 pair of sneakers, and 1 pair of the shoes you will actually wear everyday. Remember though, if you have dress clothes you may want to consider a pair of dress shoes as well
  • Belts – 1 black dress and 1 brown casual (for jeans and khakis)
  • Coats — 1 light and 1 heavy
  • Swimwear – 1 pair of trunks
  • Hiking/Active – 1 pair of basketball shorts, 1 tanktop, 1 pair of long johns


  • Underwear — 14. Exoficio also makes a great womens line
  • Socks – 7 athletic footies, 2 casual footies, and 7 normal
  • Bras – 1 black, 2 nude, 1 black strapless, and 1 nude strapless
  • Jeans — 3 casual and 1 dressier
  • Khakis/Capris/Casual Pants –  2 different colors
  • Shorts — 4
  • T-Shirts/tanks – 2 long sleeve, 7 short sleeve, and 2 tanktops
  • Blouse – 5 (wrinkle free is preferred in this category)
  • Sweater – 2 pullover and 2 cardigan style (for layering)
  • Casual dress – 1 summer, 1 winter
  • Skirts – 2 summer, 1 winter
  • Dress Clothing – 1 pair of black slacks, 1 nice blouses, and 1 evening dress
  • Blazer – 1
  • Pajamas — 2 lounge pants and 1 lounge shorts
  • Slippers – 1 pair
  • Shoes — 2 dress shoes (small heel), 2 sandals, 1 flip flop, 1 casual, and possibly 1 boot
  • 2 belts – 1 black and 1 brown
  • Coats — 1 light and 1 heavy
  • Swimwear – 2 swimsuits (1 for chlorine and 1 for ocean) and 1 cover up
  • Hiking/Active – 1 pair of workout shorts, 1 sports bra, 1 pair of synthetic “long johns”, and 1 pair of hiking boots/shoes
  • Accessories – Be creative. Be sensible. Have fun.

Did we miss anything? What items could you/would you do without? What do you consider essential? Do you have any tips for those looking to long term RV in regards to wardrobe?