A Holiday Gift from Tiny r(E)volution To You

by andrewodom on December 11, 2013 · 43 comments

It seems like all year long we are the recipients of your gifts to us. You share with us your hopes, dreams, ideas, concerns, and thoughts. Some of you send photos, words of encouragement, personal stories, etc. Many of you have become our friends and some of you have even come to visit us. It seems only appropriate then that we turn the tables and give something back. That is why we are pleased to offer you this holiday season a FREE DOWNLOAD of our newest Tiny r(E)v item; the Built-In Roll Out Bed construction plan.

Roll Out Bed image

A beautiful 7-page PDF download, the construction plans are the key to our space-conscious Tiny Office and Guest House. Inspired by an old set of woodworking plans by a European craftsman but modified and personalized first by my father for a guest space at my parents house and then further modified for our tiny office/guest house the plans are quite detailed with artistic renderings by Malissa Tack of Tiny Tack House and instructions based on our actual build. The download is the perfect idea for those of you looking for a bed that maximizes space.

Wondering what people are saying about our roll out bed because folks have seen it and slept in it. Says Laura of Life in 120 Square Feet:

“When Matt and I visited the Tiny r(E)volution we stayed in the guest house on this very bed. It was extremely comfortable and we slept very well. We immediately started making plans to build one for ourselves!”

Suzannah Kolbeck – mother of Sicily Kolbeck (better known to the tiny house world as La Petite) – adds:

“Our stay on the roll out bed was great. The design was practical and comfortable, and the whole set up was cozy and welcoming. There is space for books and reading lights, but the set-up was still simple and uncluttered. Perfect!”


As stated before this construction plan is FREE to you until December 31, 2013. To get your download you need only click the button below.

Buy Now!
For those of you who believe in value for value or just want to give back to Tiny r(E)volution there are two ways you can do so. The first is by subscribing to our posts by email. You can do so here or by entering your email address in the right sidebar.

The second way is by considering a small donation to Tiny r(E)volution to help us continue doing what we do well in to 2014. To make such a donation simple click on the button below.


We appreciate all you do and all you have become to us and the community. Enjoy the video, download some plans (but be gentle with me as this is our first set of construction plans and trust me when I say it is easier to do than to instruct), and have a wonderful holiday season!

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  • Greg McMahan

    This is a great idea, and thank you so much for the free plans!

    I do have a minor concern though. In the email you sent me, and the page with the download button, there were no links to your site. It took me a while to find you again.

    • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

      Kind of my design Greg. I didn’t want strings attached to the plans. So I didn’t spend a lot of time on link backs, etc. However, if you look at the header on each page of the plans you will see that our logo secretly contains our web address. Glad you found your way back though Greg.

  • bonnie

    i thin a pillow top mattress pad would give it some extra comfort

    • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

      What I don’t show in the video is that I put on a down mattress cover and then the sheets. This adds about 1.5″ of cushiony goodness!

  • Sharon

    I have a question on the mattresses….you gave a link for the Ikea Mattresses and said 2 would be the size of the queen, but I find that doesn’t work measurement wise….2 twins = 76 1/2″” W x 74 3/8″ L too wide for the 60 1/4″ small box width. A queen size mattress is 59 7/8″ W x 79 1/2″ long….therefore, longer than the twins. Am I missing something here since I don’t think two twins will work???? Thank you!!

    • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

      You are absolutely right Sharon. That is why I put the link in the SIDE NOTE for page 3. When I originally built this bed there was no mattress even close to the measurements I had already built to so I ended up special ordering them. You may also notice that I mentioned a blow up mattress. This construction plan is one that is meant to be adjusted for your space. You can even build one for just a twin bed or a double. Two twins won’t work. The IKEA mattress is as close to what I purchased though so I put the link as a guide to folks. I am sorry if I caused you any confusion Sharon. If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to contact me.

      • Russell Daniels

        I had the same question, so thank you for the quick reply. I know I can find dense foam at my local JoAnn’s fabrics. I’ll cut them to size and have the wife sew a couple of covers. Then as you suggest, a good mattress cover and top sheet. I’d been looking for a space saving idea for a tiny house. What a great idea and thank you for the free plans. Stay tiny.

        • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

          You are so welcome for the free plans. Our pleasure. Yes, the foam option is a fine one. You can even go to an upholstery shop or an auto upholstery shop. They should have perfect foam for the purpose. Or you can use a blow up mattress which is what we typically default to.

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  • yesdog

    Thanks! I have been searching for a Murphy/slide out/fold down/whatever bed for several weeks for a tiny camper! This is perfect for my build. ‘When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.’

    • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

      yesdog!!!! Need we say more?

  • Sandy

    I have a question about weight limits, is this sturdy enough for a larger person? What would you think a weight limit might be?

    • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

      I weight 237 pounds on any given day and I have slept on it with my wife. My father and mother have also slept on it and he is 6’4″ and 219 pounds and then my mother (who is my mother so I shall not say a WORD about her size…..LOL). I think it is very safe to say 450 lbs. is find for this.

  • Lisa

    Thank you so much for the plans! I recently had to downsize and this will work perfectly. And, it will work great in my tiny house when it’s time. Love your page!

    • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

      Thank you so much Lisa. I hope you will consider sending me a photo of the bed that you build. And thank you for loving our page. Come back often!

  • Mary

    What a great Idea! I could use this for my personal bed and fold up when not in use if I want. Then have another one for guests also. Thank you very much!!!

    • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

      You are very welcome Mary. Thank you for visiting our site.

  • Terry

    Thanks so much!!!! A generous gift! And brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

      You bet Terry. Thank you!

      • Roo roo

        Oh my goodness!!! I missed it :(!!

  • disqus_8oBVer75Lt

    This is perfect in many applications; lake house/cabin, converting a dining room or living room into extra sleeping area, or screened porch into sleeping area, I hope you patent this idea and promote it on the show Shark Tank! Sell it as a kit with the boards all pre-cut and ready to assemble. Paint and they are done. Can be purchased at the local big box home improvement store.

    Love it!

  • Scott

    Just a thought but how about moving the mattress storage above the pull-out bed so that you can regain 6 inches of floor space and have one cohesive unit?

    • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

      I’m sorry Scott. I don’t understand your idea. Thank you for suggesting a new technique but I am not seeing it in my head. Of course, that means nothing. I am not always the sharpest pencil in the box. HAHAHAHA

      • Sharon

        I think Scott means to put the mattress box on top of the bed box…going higher and not deeper by putting the mattress box behind the bed box. (stack the boxes) Not sure that was a better explanation than Scott’s…LOL

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  • Neenah

    I wish I could persuade my husband to live small. This bed is amazing.

  • Jody

    This is a great idea! Thank you for this. How far does it come out from the wall? This would be a great space saving idea. :)

    • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

      You are so welcome Jody. Our finished bed (the one we have that you saw on the video) comes out about 18.5″ total. The great thing about this plan is it can be totally customized for your needs.

      • Jody

        Thanks for the quick response! Does the plan include customization’s? Or is it pretty easy to figure out? I’m looking at having a bedroom downstairs as well as a loft, so I’d like it to be mostly permanent. I’m still in the planning stages though, so I’m still going through a lot of possibilities. This is a great one :)

        • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

          While the plan doesn’t have customizations in the plans it is the sort of project just waiting to be customized for your space. I would suggest starting with your mattress measurements and then working from there. Best of luck!

          • Jody

            Cool thanks! When I tried to download the plans it said that the file can harm my computer. Do you know if anyone else has had this problem?

          • http://www.tinyrevolution.us/ anotherkindofdrew

            Most computer firewalls or virus protectors will say that if you download from an IP address that is unfamiliar to your cache. If you don’t trust the source or are wary please email me directly and I will return with the PDF.

          • Jody

            Thank you! I went ahead and downloaded it. My computer has been acting kind of weird lately. Thank you Thank you so much for the plans and for your responses! Happy Holidays!

  • Tomasz Seweryn

    Thanks so much!

  • Bartman

    Thank you so much for the plans. I intend to built one over the holidays and add my own touch – I want to attach a ‘table top’ to part ‘B’ with a piano hinge that folds up horizontally and supported by 2 tapered table legs (http://www.homedepot.com/p/Waddell-28-in-Round-Taper-Table-Leg-2528/100564768#) so your roll-out bed can be reconfigured into a computer desk/dining table too (sized 28.5″x62″).

    • Carolyn Monfee Roberson

      My thoughts exactly!

  • Melody

    Love it!!!!

  • Neil

    So sad – “Page Not Found” :(

  • 3d2002

    Thank you for sharing your craft! I can’t wait to make one!

  • Kim Crowdis

    I have been trying to download the plans for the bed. I hope I will be able to do it.

  • Kae Waller

    I can’t get the plans…signed up for your email and it didn’t send me anything in my email. Was really wanting this plan because it is SO neat!!! :(

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