It seems like all year long we are the recipients of your gifts to us. You share with us your hopes, dreams, ideas, concerns, and thoughts. Some of you send photos, words of encouragement, personal stories, etc. Many of you have become our friends and some of you have even come to visit us. It seems only appropriate then that we turn the tables and give something back. That is why we are pleased to offer you this holiday season a FREE DOWNLOAD of our newest Tiny r(E)v item; the Built-In Roll Out Bed construction plan.

Roll Out Bed image

A beautiful 7-page PDF download, the construction plans are the key to our space-conscious Tiny Office and Guest House. Inspired by an old set of woodworking plans by a European craftsman but modified and personalized first by my father for a guest space at my parents house and then further modified for our tiny office/guest house the plans are quite detailed with artistic renderings by Malissa Tack of Tiny Tack House and instructions based on our actual build. The download is the perfect idea for those of you looking for a bed that maximizes space.

Wondering what people are saying about our roll out bed because folks have seen it and slept in it. Says Laura of Life in 120 Square Feet:

“When Matt and I visited the Tiny r(E)volution we stayed in the guest house on this very bed. It was extremely comfortable and we slept very well. We immediately started making plans to build one for ourselves!”

Suzannah Kolbeck – mother of Sicily Kolbeck (better known to the tiny house world as La Petite) – adds:

“Our stay on the roll out bed was great. The design was practical and comfortable, and the whole set up was cozy and welcoming. There is space for books and reading lights, but the set-up was still simple and uncluttered. Perfect!”


As stated before this construction plan is FREE to you until December 31, 2013. To get your download you need only click the button below.

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We appreciate all you do and all you have become to us and the community. Enjoy the video, download some plans (but be gentle with me as this is our first set of construction plans and trust me when I say it is easier to do than to instruct), and have a wonderful holiday season!


NOTE: Offer good until Dec. 31, 2013.