Tiny r(E)volution – Interview with Cara Schulz

dsc06408Cara Schulz is the author of Martinis & Marshmallows:  A Field Guide to Luxury Tent Camping and  Owner of the Martinis & Marshmallows camping line.

Cara has been a self described “camper” her whole life but in later years has realized she doesn’t like to rough it or be uncomfortable in such beautiful surroundings. Much like the grassy fields, lush forest, and blue skies, she pitches her stakes under, Cara likes to infuse color and style into her temporary lodgings. Often the hostess of “2 ‘oclock Happy Hours” and gourmet meals-on-the-go, she favors welcome rugs, using your own bedding, and chic sophistication over Coleman green, army MREs, and Bear Grylls hatchets!

The question stands though. What does luxury tent camping have to do with the tiny house community. Turns out, plenty! Just take a listen by pressing the play button above or by subscribing to the r(E)vo Convo podcast on iTunes.

In addition to just being a camper Cara has also spoken twice at Ignite Minneapolis, is authoring her first book entitled “Martinis & Marshmallows: A Field Guide to Luxury Tent Camping, and is our guest today!

You can contact Cara by visiting her website or via email.


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  1. Liz says

    Would love to look at her website more, but the black background and white text make it pretty much death to my eyes.

    • Ines Ifran says

      You may like to try one of those solutions:
      1) Enter the site and press “control”, and start pressing “+” as much as you need. That increases the size of the letter on that page and makes it much easier to read.
      2) The other thing you can do is to “select” the letters from the post, copy the text and paste it into a word document, then make the letter bigger in the document.
      I do that some times when the advertisement on the webpages are too anoying. So I can read the text without the nuisance and then delete it.


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