Tiny Houses Can Make Big Sounds

FreeHouseMany times we get so focused on one idea that we can’t see a bigger picture.

Tiny houses have already been used for barracks, art studios, baby gift boutique, produce stand, and classroom. But what about a music rehearsal hall and studio?

Just recently we received an email from a professional musician asking about how a tiny house could be used for a practice space/recording studio/small home. The emailer had lived in a single wide modular unit several years before where he was able to play as loudly as he wanted. But to be a working musician you have to have access to more urban or metropolitan settings where live music venues are. So how does this work? How can a tiny house be retrofitted for a musician, a piano (or to be specific, a Hammond Organ with bench), a few gig partners, and computer recording gear? There also has to be room to live; sleeping, eating, washing.

Our reader suggested using a Linden as the foundation for the build. The bathroom would run the back wall and butt up to the kitchen. A small bump out could be added to the tongue of the trailer (we call them “garages”) to house a small, stackable washer/dryer. The bathroom would double as a dressing room. And the list goes on.

What would you do though? How would you retrofit a tiny house for something other than a simple living space?


  1. Naomi Patrick says

    This is my dilemma only I am a custom costume maker. I can work from a small space it’s the overall storage and access of my supplies along with the occasional need for an assistant that is my issue. Haven’t quite figured out how to make it work.

  2. David Arnold says

    If possible, I would run wires in the walls and have plates to plug in microphones for recording. That way you won’t be walking all over the cables. Microphones could also be mounted to the wall or suspended from the ceiling. Guitars could be hung on the walls as well. Small amplifiers could be built into cabinets or under counter tops or desks.

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