Tiny r(E)volution – Interview with Kent Griswold

kent1The name Kent Griswold is almost synonymous with tiny houses, small houses, and small spaces, in general. As the creator, owner, editor, and overall “voice of authority” for Tiny House Blog, Kent’s love affair with small spaces began with the idea of one day owning a cabin for his family; a small cabin. Since its creation in 2007 THB has grown to incorporate a number of different homes, products, businesses, and people. As Kent says, “The goal of the tiny house blog is to discover the different options available for a person looking to down size into a tiny house or cabin.”

We are excited to have him join us in the studio today to talk about those very subjects.

NOTE: Because we are working to tweak, enhance, and improve our overall podcast audio there are some obvious volume level errors and other difficulties during the first few minutes of the audio. Please forgive us.


  1. Cyndi Lopriore says

    I have always known that people could live with less space to worry about and have raised 4 Kids and in the usual living space….at 75, I would now love a tiny home of my own with a bedroom down at this age besides the loft, This is just genius in evolution, 😀

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