TinyHouseNewsiconMany of you probably read my Facebook status update the other day proclaiming the end of Google Reader. And for those of you who listen to the r(E)vo Convo podcast you will know I rely heavily on my RSS reader to keep me in the know. So now what, huh? What do I do now Mr. Google? Well, Kent Griswold of Tiny House Blog has come up with what I think may be a solution.

On Sunday March 17 Griswold announced a new site called Tiny House News.

When I started the Tiny House Blog I was the only one writing about tiny houses in the blog format. In the last few years the internet has come alive with many new blogs about tiny houses and people sharing there stories of building their own tiny houses.

I have wanted to add a feature on the Tiny House Blog that would show off these blogs but have not been able to find anything that did it justice. Recently I discovered a way to create a news type blog that uses the RSS feeds to connect to many of these blogs and I have created a site called Tiny House News.

Kent’s goal with the new site really is to give a nice, clean, snapshot to what is happening all around the tiny house blogosphere (which – might I add – is growing by the hour it seems!). After looking at the site, providing Kent with our RSS feed, and just doing some cross-checking I see that I can quickly scan the page and click on a story that interests me and then be redirected straight to the blog or news source. Does it get any cleaner than that?