February 21, 2013 podcast – interview with John Wells

JohnWellsWelcome to the Southwest Texas Alternative Energy And Sustainable Living Field Laboratory!

Have you ever thought to yourself, ” How would I do it if I had it to do all over again?” Usually this thought only pops into your head when you are about to die or your life is in ruin or perhaps during a midlife crisis where family and job stress suddenly takes its toll. This feeling is usually accompanied by mounting debt and an overwhelming feeling of being trapped in the life you have chosen. Tension in the world, an unstable economy, high fuel prices, and mind numbing popular culture may also add to this feeling of utter futility. For me, it was a little bit of all of the above but the real tipping point was the death of my father last year. That made me sit down and take a serious look at where my path has led me and how I could best proceed to live a fulfilling life and honor his memory.

And thus were the first words I read by John Wells. Born in Chicago in 1959, Wells grew up in Tell City, IN and Charlotte, NC. He attended the University of North Carolina at Greensboro but never quite finished. His career there included flunking out twice and making the deans list once. In 1984 he graduated from photography school in New York City and began a lucrative career in still life and fashion photography serving as assistant to both Bruce Weber and Chris Callis. The last 90s into the new millenium found Wells building set pieces and freelancing as a photographer and sculptor. He then relocated to a home in upstate New York (Spencertown, NY) to become a first time homeowner, general contractor, artist, and alternative energy enthusiast. In December 2007 Wells packed up and said goodbye to New York landing in SW Texas to live debt free and begin the Field Lab.

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  1. Ines I. says

    Hi, Drew. Thank you for the podcast, I really enjoyed it.

    I thought of making you a sugestion though: Could you please repeat the name of the webpages you are recomending MORE THAN ONCE?

    The thing is, I’m fluent in english, but this is not my mother lenguaje, so sometimes I have problems with it.

    When you recommend a website or article or something, you say the name and then spell it.

    One of the things that usually happens is that the first mentioning to the name take me by surprise, and as I am completely incapable of following along when you spell the name letter by letter (just can’t, no idea why), I always end hoping that you would repeat the name of the site. Sometimes you do, sometimes you don’t.

    I know it is silly, but unless I have downloaded the podcast, I just can’t go back and listen again to catch the name (the on-line version don’t allow to go backward). Very frustrating. Silly, and frustrating :)

    Not a big deal, really. I just stop listening, go back, download the damn thing and listen to it in winamp.

    But I thought to tell you, because you are really doing a great job with this podcast, interviewing very interesting people and recommending great articles and blogs, and I usually follow your advise and go and check the thing you recommend, Sooooooo, please, could you repeat the name one more time after the spelling?

    Graaaaaaaaaaaaacias :)

    And greetings from Uruguay

    • says

      You are so welcome Ines. Thank you so much for listening in!

      I will take your suggestion and mention the names and spellings a bit more frequently. I really was unaware that there may be some language barriers. Thank you so much for bringing that to my attention. Great to know I have a bit of a “global” audience!

      Also, you can look at the blog post that coincides with the podcast and there is a “Also In This Episode” listing that has the links to those same pages. It looks like the image attached.

      I will be more conscious though. No problemo! 😉

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