LydiaWinnerWe received nearly 20 responses to our TINY HOMES book contest this past Valentines Day over a couple of social media channels. It was outstanding to hear from folks about what homes inspired them and how they first heard of tiny houses. I especially enjoyed reading the responses of those that currently lived in tiny houses and not only found inspiration and love for their own home but also in others. I think it is so important that the tiny house community continue to support each other regularly.

Our winner is someone whose name I have noticed before – Lydia Cuff – and she wrote about Austin Hays tiny house. What I liked best about her response is not only that she included links but that she used Austin as an example of a generation that could be. Quite a solid response. Her words exactly:

Gosh, it’s so hard to choose just one! I’ve always liked Austin Hay’s House. Just the fact that he started building around the time he started high school is pretty impressive to me, not to mention his attitude about it. What if a generation realized that they could do anything? What if a generation realized that debt is stupid? That generation would change the world. Plus his house is really well laid-out for his needs, and the half loft leaves the tall vaulted ceiling in the other half looking so nice and open. 🙂

Thank you so much Lydia for commenting. And thank you ALL for reading and commenting. Lydia, please get in touch with us to claim your prize!