Part of our tiny house adventure is about the friendships and partnerships we have made along the way. One of those partnerships is with a company I have known of since I was a boy.

My father is a woodworker and was a licensed contractor for many years. Hardly a year passed that we didn’t have a Rockler Woodworking and Hardware catalogue floating around our house. In fact, I would say that after building so much for our tiny house I have become a bit of a second generation Rockler man. Because of such it seemed obvious to me that I should contact Rockler early on and pitch a sponsorship to them. After showing Crystal the wide variety of products they carried she thought the idea was equally attractive.

We are proud to say now that our kitchen countertop (originally outlined in an August 2012 post) is largely held together using Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue, the majority of our kitchen cabinet drawers are mounted on Blum Tandem Full Extension Drawer Slides with Blumotion, and our pantry features pull-out shelves that slide on Blum Tandem Full Extension Fully Concealed Slides. All are superior products and we think they help make our gourmet tiny house kitchen complete.

In light of our endorsement of these products I wanted to make a quick video to show just how easy it is to install the slides and what an amazing job they do in turning average cabinet shelves into fully functional (and fashionable) culinary art!