Towing Tiny House (and the footage to prove it)

Starting tomorrow at 4:30am we will be on the road to take our tiny house from middle Georgia to eastern North Carolina. It is time to return to the homestead we painstakingly cleared and set up from late 2010 to early 2012. It is time to go home.

We’ve spoken several times on this blog about a potential documentary on Tiny r(E)volution or at least some footage to show our process. Courtesy of the very talented Kevin Gilkes of Scissors & Drumsticks Productions we put together this short clip to show you what may still rise up from the ashes of our fatigue.



  1. Maria says

    My husband and I live in the Raleigh area. Not sure where in Eastern NC you will be but welcome to our state. :) If there is anything you need help with let us know. We would be happy to help out.

    • says

      The trip took us (as we are now in NC) about 10.5 hours total. It usually takes 8 hours but we did not top 50 mph. We had a very safe trip and an enjoyable one as well.

      As for what is left. We have to fill the seems and nail holes on the interior paneling and then sand and paint. We also have to hook up the water and install the kitchen cabinets. Of course we have a few other small projects but those are the major points. I will certainly be keeping people up to date through the blog and social media.

  2. Debra Jordan says

    oh, wow! I did not realize you were so far along! I am happy for you, life is so good when you are debt free and tiny!

    • says

      We do not have the interior totally finished. There is still work to do there and, of course, we have to have the septic put in and a well drilled. There is still much to do but it does feel great being even this far along!


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