It’s so great to be joined in the studio today by Kacie Erickson of TreadingTINY. A self-described proud mama, real food nut, nature lover, farm fan, homestead dreamer, wanderlust-er, horse rider, and tiny house enthusiast, this mid-twenty-something blogger and writer has recently added ‘tiny house builder’ to her resume.

Over the past few months Kacie has begun building an 18′ long tiny house trailer for herself and her 14-month old daughter.

TreadingTINY is Kacie’s own private space on the Interwebs where she documents her tiny house building adventures (and misadventures!) as well as her effort to say buh-bye to the burden of “stuff”, kicking her debt baggage to the curb and striving for a less stressful environment in which to live and raise her daughter.

Kacie has been part of a number of recent conversations regarding raising children in a tiny house and in today’s video we talk about everything from when is it too hot to play outside to what kind of tape to use on radiant barrier!

You can also find Kacie and TreadingTINY on Facebook for more frequent updates.

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