One of the major concerns of any tiny house family is that of heating and air conditioning. We have discussed this topic before both in this post and this post….oh, and this post too!  It is a bit of a tough topic because while there may seem like a lot of heating and cooling options available for small spaces they all come needing a bit of sacrifice or patience. For instance, if you choose to cool with a window unit air conditioner you have to sacrifice a a window which in a tiny house means less natural light. It also means more draw on your electrical services. If you choose to use ceiling fans you have to be mindful or head room and blade size. In the heating department it is quite common for tiny house folk to use propane. With this you have to be cautious of venting and you have to be mindful of your propane sourcing so you don’t run out in the middle of a cold night.

Both Crystal and I have become used to central heat and air during the last decade or so so we knew we enjoyed having that sort of temperature control in our environment. How then do we achieve such while still staying somewhat mobile? Our answer came with the ClimateRight™ CR-7000 Outdoor Portable Heater and Air Conditioner 

The Climate Right CR-7000 Max is a deluxe, heavy duty, long lasting portable electric air conditioner and heater combo made exclusively for small to medium sized outdoor enclosures and vehicles. The unit is rated to work best in environments between 350-1200 cubic feet.

Installation really is quite easy and as our video is about to show can utilize otherwise unusable spaces as well as act as a central heat/air system for your tiny house. And yes, ClimateRight is portable and sits outside in the elements so we lose no valuable real estate in our home.

On the eco side of things there is no harmful gas or carbon emissions. The unit runs on standard 115v electric costing about the same as 3-6 incandescent lightbulbs.