We’re joined in the studio today by Kati Davis and Brandi Borkgren; both members of the EcoFoil team.

Both Kati and Brandi are an integral part of the sales and marketing team for EcoFoil. Brandi oversees the marketing efforts for EcoFoil while Brandi is focused on customer support. We have had the pleasure of working with this duo for nearly a year now and have enjoyed all our interactions.

EcoFoil itself is an innovative approach to building insulation. Using the same technology NASA uses to temperature control space shuttles, EcoFoil’s radiant barrier and bubble insulation use the reflective qualities of foil stop radiant heat. This reflective insulation is a green option that involves little manufacturing and promotes cleaner air. EcoFoil is easy to install and can be used for attic insulation, garage door insulation, metal building insulation, duct wrap, and several other applications.

You can find EcoFoil on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+.


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