We’re joined in the studio today by Kristie Wolfe of Tiny House on the Prairie. A proud Idahoan, a messy minimalist, a skeptical spiritualist, a capitalistic hippie and an educated dropout, Kristie is currently living on the outskirts of Boise in her 96 square foot tiny house while finishing construction on a kitchen annex. A spokesperson for Danny Gray seats Kristie is no stranger to social media and online communities and has inspired a number of women and tiny house enthusiasts to just get out there and build; take control of your environment.

Through a number of social experiments initially inspired by the writings of Eckhart Tolle, Kristie is all about living deliberately and investing in the power of now!

Through her blog and her YouTube channel we have seen Kristie take to the stage of Ignite Boise to talk about her tiny house, explain her off-grid water system, dance, and even sew a quick 1-minute swimsuit coverup!

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