October 31, 2012 podcast – interview with Hari Berzins

Today we are joined in the studio by Hari Berzins; mother, wife, teacher, writer, and tiny house dweller. Raising two kids in a tiny house and learning to live as one with the land, Hari is the blogger and inspiration behind Tiny House Family.

As their blog explains best…

The short story is: we lost the home and business in the blackhole of economic reality. We took what jobs we could find and started saving as much as possible. Thoughts of moving to a more rural setting filled our heads and we started to make plans.

The Berzins family now lives in a quaint 8′ x 21′ tiny house trailer in the Blue Ridge Mountains finding happiness in their home, their gardens, their chickens, and their family.

Also in this episode:




  1. Emily says

    As a former teacher for Dallas ISD, I sometimes had kids who lived with 6+ other people in a 350-400 sf apt. (Mexicans living w/extended families, usually), so I don’t think 3-4 people living in 200 sf is a legal issue. A person would have to suspect physical/emotional neglect or some sort of abuse to call family services. In my 13 yrs teaching I never heard that living in a small dwelling constituted either neglect or abuse.

    RE comments: I finally turned them off on my blog. Problem solved.

    Love your podcast, just discovered it a few days ago. :)

    • says

      It is – at times – a legal issue, yes. For our state it is. But we have avoided that. There is actually a law within DFACS about square footage. Odd, I know. Over bearing? Indeed.

      So glad you are enjoying the podcast. Thank you so much for listening.

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