We currently spend almost all of our indoor time in the kitchen. Between Crystal cooking, Tilly Madison walking/falling/crawling around, and me waiting anxiously for whatever that smell is, we are like most Americans. So why should our building a tiny house mean we can’t enjoy that same luxury? In fact, Crystal nearly insisted that our tiny house feature as close to a gourmet kitchen as possible. She love cooking and creating and far be it for me to dampen that desire. So much of our budget and our creative juices have gone into the design of our kitchen and especially our cabinets. In fact 18 linear feet of our tiny house will be kitchen countertop space. Well, that is not totally true because included in that is 26″ for our fridge, 32″ for our sink, and 32″ for our stovetop. So I guess then we will only have about 11.5 linear feet of countertop. That is still pretty significant. That space will be primarily work space although we will have a cutting board, our coffee station (including my beloved frother), our knife block, and probably a lovely fruit bowl or two.

Speaking of the countertop, we are using upcycled Malaysian hardwood block that lived its first life as the flooring for a cargo truck. That’s right. It used to be a truck bed. Not sure what I mean? Check out this image. We are planing it, using an organic apoxy to create the full depth of our cabinets, and adding a backsplash. We will also add a food grade finish to it so as to lock out bacteria and other gnarly things.

The cabinets themselves will be made of heart pine in a shaker box style. In other words, the cabinets will be little more than a plywood box. The drawer fronts and doors will be a flat panel with a thin border detail (see style board above.) We will be using a spacer between the doors but Crystal’s design uses more deep drawers than cabinet doors. In fact, we will only have two sets of doors. Underneath the stove, next to the fridge, and the stand-up pantry will all be drawers faces. Those will be more European style in that they will be flush with each other, so to speak.

Perhaps what we are most excited about though is our partnership with Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. Celebrating its 58th anniversary as a family-run business, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is the nation’s premier supplier of specialty hardware, tools, lumber and other high quality woodworking and DIY products. Their catalogue has been a fixture in my parents house for as long as I can remember. They have graciously sponsored our home with

Talk about quality slides and hinges. They are heavy duty with a 100 pound capacity and an easy close rebound. The hinges almost disappear when installed and allow the door to just pillow closed. We could not be happier and can’t wait to install them and use them. No more slamming doors and drawers that smack shut!

The sink has already been purchased and is a beautiful Mont Blanc Waterbrook Drop-In Composite Granite in Desert Sand. You may remember the photo we took the night we brought it home. It is sharp looking and only weighs about 32 pounds! We aren’t entirely sure what faucet set we are going to use but judging by the hardware we are interested in I think we are going to go with a brushed nickel unit with a pull down sprayer. We are still hoping to find one of those at a consignment or overstock store.

In order to keep the kitchen feeling open we are going to employ open shelving primarily on the ‘short wall’ (the one in the front of the rig where the tongue is located). We are even thinking of adding a splash of color and painting that wall a tangerine melt or something similar. Who knows though? We definitely want to continue our “beach cottage feel” and think that with the white wash finish on our cabinets will be pretty simple yet pretty amazing! Not sure what white washing is? We are using this technique as our inspiration.

WOW! We have a lot ahead of us. Perhaps this post should have remained in my head and not on screen as now my eyeballs are swimming and I am trying to figure out just how we will pull this off! However we do, it is going to be beautiful and such a blessing to our home and our family!