We’ve written in the past about eco-friendly paints and stains. We’ve talked about roofing and possible roofing options. But at some point the decision has to be made on what your tiny house will look like. And boy are there option. Just in terms of siding you can use use TruWood like Clothesline Tiny Homes, rough hewn cedar siding like Tammy and Logan over at rowdykittens.com, or even vinyl siding like Louis of Austin Tiny House.

As for us we are using a wonderful LP SmartSide panel with SilverTech. SmartSide Panels (aside from having a great, weathered farm texture look) with SilverTech feature a finish-grade radiant barrier that resists flaking and peeling. The panels also help reduce the sun’s radiant energy through your walls.

But then you have to think about…..well, I’ll just let the video do the talking!