Clothesline Tiny Homes: The Interview Tapes

Hello! My name is Carrie and I’m an architectural Designer. My husband is Shane and he is a Builder. We’ve started designing and building our own home (a Tiny House) and this blog will document the adventure.

We started designing it in February of 2012, bought the trailer platform February 25th, and started building February 27th.

We both have years of experience designing and building but we thought the best way to learn about the intricacies of a Tiny House would be to design and build one for ourselves that we will live in.

Why Tiny? Clothesline Tiny Homes will strive to have a small footprint on our natural environment, will allow us to live wherever we want, paying much less money for rent / mortgage and utilities, and will be a fun adventure where we can grow and learn to live with less stuff and enjoy our beautiful world much more!

(italicized copy courtesy of Clothesline)

We recently had a chance to speak (via SKYPE) with Shane and Carrie Caverly about their current tiny home project and even a bit about their future as tiny house builders. Along with their “tiny dog” Rio, they have been working hard and fast since February 2012 to bring their dream to life an head out on the open road. I have admired their design and build for a couple of months now and am excited to get to share it with you in their words.

The following interview took place on April 19, 2012 and quickly became the highlight of my week. At just over 20 minutes this interview is certainly one for the archives.

To hear the complete interview just click the Play button below.

Clothesline Tiny Homes

To find out more about Carrie and Shane’s tiny house as well as to contact them about building YOUR tiny house, visit them at Clothesline Tiny Homes. And do be sure to come back soon for a follow-up interview to find out how the entire process has gone.


  1. Merete says

    What! The tiny house intro music is amazing. Really enjoyed this interview, Andrew, and it’s great to learn a bit more about Carrie and Shane and Clothesline Tiny Homes—especially since they are from the Colorado/Arizona Southwest area.

    About a year ago, Christopher and I filmed our first tiny house video with a young builder near Telluride, Colorado, who was a recent graduate of the Ecosa Institute in Prescott. Love that there is an institution teaching these principles that we’re experimenting with in the alternative/small building world.

    ~ Merete, TINY: A Story About Living Small.

    • says

      Didn’t I have that intro music on y’alls interview? If not, it came out of my need to sound more professional after y’alls. HAHAHAHAHA. Yeah, Carrie and Shane are dynamic folks and I love their home. 

      Thank you so much for listening and commenting. I appreciate y’alls investment into the r(E)volution!

  2. mizacy says

    Nicely done, you guys all sound just exactly the way I thought, except you Adam… 😉 I was thinking more of a drawl.  Thanks for the shout out! 


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