How-To install radiant barrier

Many of you reading this also follow us on Facebook and are acutely aware that we began actual construction this past weekend. We milled our floor joists, bolted them to the trailer, and installed our EcoFoil White Double Bubble Insulation. It was not nearly as difficult a process as I thought it might be and after a solid days work this is what we have to show for it. (note: running time is 10 minutes even so grab some popcorn and turn the volume up!)


So? What do you think? Does Norm Abram need to watch his back? In all honest, the EcoFoil really was quite easy to install. If we had it to do over again we would have taped the three strips together on the ground and then moved it onto the trailer as one big “quilt” of insulation. In retrospect I also would have worn more sunscreen. It never occurred to me that looking down at aluminum foil, if you will, as it reflected the direct sunlight would be such a danger to my pigment. I got sunburned though!

In the spirit of full disclosure though I do want to add that EcoFoil joined us in mid-March as a sponsor of the Tiny r(E)volution providing to us the following products:

We are quite thankful to have them on board and encourage you to consider them for your next project!
If you want to follow EcoFoil you can find them on both Facebook and on Twitter.



  1. Christopher says

    Great how-to video. Thanks for sharing it. I wish I had used Ecofoil. I just went with normal aluminum flashing – which has no real insulating properties.

    – Christopher

  2. says

    So this product is in place of the typical aluminum flashing type product that people normally put between the frame and the floor joists and you will still be insulating between your joists?

    Forgive me if its mentioned elsewhere on the site, you’ve been writing it a lot longer than I’ve been reading it so I still have some catching up to do.

    • anotherkindofdrew says

      It is indeed in place of the flashing. The radiant barrier has insulatory properties and then we will be adding R19 insulation in between the floor joists. 

      Hey, no problem Andy. I can answer questions as fast as you can ask them (maybe!!!). HAHAHAHAHA

  3. says

    I definitely want to do something like this for my floor. However, I wonder how tough the ecofoil is compared to the aluminum flashing? In the instructions that come with the Tumbleweed plans for doing the floor, they mention that the flashing should be installed without any holes that a rodent could squeeze through. Do you think a mouse or other rodent could chew through the insulation?

    • anotherkindofdrew says

      I have to be honest with you Ethan. Rodents can chew through anything softer than steel, if they choose. Check out this link:

      If you have an infestation problem to that point then they are going to not just get in but then nest in your insulation. While I do think that they can chew through the EcoFoil I also think it would be a rare case so long as you keep the area you are parked on well taken care of. Most rodents don’t hang out in mowed lawns, on gravel, on pavement, etc. If you are going to park your house in the great wide open subject to rodents you may also want to bear proof your front door. HAHAHAHAH

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