Kristin and Shannon

It is rare to meet two young women so grounded in their beliefs and their ideas that they will abandon corporate America, travel to foreign countries, and get in touch with both their entrepreneurial and artistic passions. But I had the good fortune of doing just that when I came into contact some months ago with Kristin Glenn and Shannon Whitehead.

In their own words:

Cubicles were never for us. We like to go places, experience new cultures, scare ourselves silly. And in 2008, we were doing just that – living and working in Australia, searching for something that couldn’t be found in corporate America.

We became fast friends, but after a few months, went our own ways to travel and start new chapters in our lives. Over the next year, we separately explored five continents:
bartending, teaching English, learning languages, volunteering on farms and in orphanages, making friends and falling in love.

It was an exciting time – confronting our beliefs, our culture, our Americanism and everything that goes along with it.

Eventually, we both returned to the States and in July 2010, we reconnected to start a new journey. We headed to Central America with no direction, no career path, and not much money. But we had an idea: a fashionable, minimalist clothing line for female travelers.

The pair believe that you can have more with less. And that’s why they designed the Versalette — a multifunctional piece that can be worn over 15 different ways. Made in the USA with 100 percent recycled fabric, the Versalette proves that we all can have more options with less clothes in our wardrobe.

The following interview took place on December 16, 2011 and is now the second installment to my fledgling interview career. Both Kristin and Shannon were a joy to talk to and I know you will enjoy hearing about The Versalette as much as I did. To hear the complete interview just click the Play button below.

The Versalette by {r}evolution apparel

As mentioned in the interview {r}evolution has an ongoing Kickstarter campaign that you can be a part of. Please take the time to find out more in regards to how YOU can help bring this dynamic story to full fruition!

You can continue to follow Kristin and Shannon at the {r}evolution blog!