Some days it is very difficult for me to believe that y’all have let us continue talking for over a year now on subjects so close (and even personal) to us; tiny house living, simple living, family, minimalism, etc. Such fodder hasn’t always been the case though as his time last year I was still publishing as well as really ramping up with Tiny r(E)volution.

So what was I talking about?

On the one hand I was talking about How To Build a Cold Frame over at AKOD. We had started the year before with a cold frame made of just some old wood and a little plastic on top. The plastic however allowed for water to collect and it ultimately ripped loose from the roofing nails I had holding it in place. Within a month I had switched over to some recycled windows that had come from an older gentleman who responded to an ad I had placed in the local newspaper. They worked perfectly and allowed us to really custom build a cold frame that grew some salad greens and even an herb or two. You can read that whole post over at anotherkindofdrew. HINT: You can also explore the archives as we wrote on that blog for nearly 3 years as we were learning to homestead, garden, raise chickens, preserve food, etc.

And then right here at Tiny r(E)volution we were talking about Christmas Crimes (and other things Santa doesn’t want you to know).

Inspired by a YouTube video showing some crazed masses on Black Friday, the question I posed was Can we save Christmas?

As I look back at that post I am still as pleased with my thoughts now as I was of them then.

How to save Christmas is all about you! It involves really analyzing where your heart is, where your mind is, and where you want them to be come December 26. It is also about being real in regards to your financial position and where you would like to come out the day after the birthday.

Crystal and I made 70% of our gifts this year. It was a pleasure for us and we hope will be a pleasure for the recipients. We are no Martha Stewarts. We are not even that crafty. But we have a desire and we practice until we come up with something halfway presentable. The other 20% were purchased cash-on-the-barrel. As for each other? Is that the remaining 10%? No. In fact, Crystal will not be getting a diamond tennis bracelet and I will not spend Dec. 25th scrolling around on my new iPad. In fact, we aren’t buying each other gifts. We are instead investing in each other and our life together by spending the day together and planning our future in Tiny House. Any money we may have spent will go towards further reducing our debt. The other 10% are gifts for a few Aunts and Uncles and they are donations made in honor of. I love these kind of gifts because they fill no consumer need but still manage to bring gift giver and gift receiver closer together.

So why do I say all this? I saw it because it is always good to take a quick look back and see where you have been. I have long thought that to know where you are going you must first know where you have been!

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