Month: November 2011

A Minimalist Christmas: help your child survive the season

I think it is fair to say that since the birth of our beautiful daughter we have moved from a minimalist family to a simple living family. Minimalist was when we could pack all our true belongings into a Kelty and hit the road in less than an hour. Now we have to pack our bags, make sure the diaper bag is stocked, fold up the pack ‘n play (a tiny house bedroom, in my opinion), grab the breast pump, and put together a small bag like the Sprig! It has been a small adjustment, but a truly wonderful one. But now that S’bucks has switched to the red cups (doesn’t that mean it is Christmastime???? I jest. I jest.) and Nat King Cole has taken over the airwaves new challenges have arisen. Yes, our baby is just over two months old. But it has proven in multiple studies that in this critical growth and development stage children are prone to marketing just like their older siblings. And we all know Target will stop at nothing to #occupyyourchild. Consumerism is at its peak this time of year and as mindful parents we have to be on our guard more than ever! We should be thinking less about reaching for our credit cards and more about how we can invest in our children and our families be it financially or...

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