Tiny r(E)volution has taken on a new skin. But of course you have probably noticed that by now. Why you ask? Well, it is time we move in a new direction. Is it scary? Yes, a bit. In fact, it is highly unusual for us to make such a move. We are risking alienating our readers, upsetting our friends, and turning away our fans. But we feel it is a logical next step.

Tiny r(E)volution is now opening up for sponsorship and ethical advertisement.

Since our site launched we have written some 120 posts with an additional 12 guest posts from incredible and talented writers. We have shared personal stories, links of interest, DIY tips, images, and a host of other valuable information. And all this we have done with an understanding of uncopyright and creative commons. Now please don’t get us wrong, while we are making certain areas of the site available for advertising we are not going to crowd our site, sluff off on our posts (or their quality) or partner with unethical or immoral companies. In fact, what we want to do is attract advertisers and sponsors that are aligned with our lifestyle choices and building practices all without sacrificing integrity or style.

Our site is the first we know of to detail with such openness and accuracy the process of dreaming, designing, planning, and building a tiny house. We talk about issues of practicality, budget, spirituality, and morality that surround transitioning into a minimal, simple living, micro-homesteading, sort of lifestyle. While we choose to DIY most everything and give everything a sporting chance we understand that not everyone is of that mindset or has that much time.

In fact, we get a number of emails a week asking us which products we are using, where to purchase them, and how they can find out more about them. We typically email them back with as much information as we can including items, styles, stores, product numbers, etc. Now we dream of being able to bring those companies on as sponsors and offer purchasing discounts off of our site just by mentioning where you saw their ad!

I want to make this much clear. From this point on we will not only research the company but we will also speak to them at length before going into a sponsorship relationship with them. We won’t endorse any companies that utilize chemicals, illegal or slave labor, toxic products, etc. We will align with companies that we personally would use or purchase. Our goal is not to sell out for the sake of a buck. We still LOVE what we do on this site and we will keep on doing it with or without advertisers. But we have crossed a threshold in which we are putting in some 12-14 hours a week on the site (and with personal correspondance) that it would be nice to receive some sort of compensation with having to sell an eBook or r(E)volution bumper stickers or coasters.

Will we review products

Short answer? No. We simply aren’t qualified to. If a company sends us a product asking for a review we will simply return it with a note of explanation. If we love a product, want to try it, and can reach a reasonable understanding with the company, we may do a short review. Couple with that though we would work with the company to sponsor a give-away or prize for our readers so they too can “discover” the product.

So what do you think? Are we off base? Are we moving in the wrong direction? We would love to hear from you and let us know what we are doing well and what we should leave alone.