Sundays seems like just as good as any to casually do a few loads of laundry. The freneticism of the weekdays is absent. The smelly work clothes of Saturday are sitting right on top. The day seems limitless with possibility of accomplishment. So why not do some laundry? Speaking of which, it has been over a month now that I have been threatening to make our own laundry powder. In fact, I even gathered the ingredients to do so during the month of June anticipating the moment I could put together our own. So today seemed like a perfect day.

We’ve been using a commercial brand for some time now and while it says “dye free” it still leaves our clothes heavy and stiff before being dried. We just haven’t been happy with the over indulgent smell of perfume and we aren’t sure the the assurance of the manufacturer is enough for us let alone our baby-on-the-way.

I don’t yet know if we will save any money doing this but I do know we will save packaging, a risk of unknown chemicals, and a peace of mind that is virtually priceless. Our recipe is simple and is gathered from several online sources including SouleMama and Rachel Whetzel.

Homemade Laundry Powder
(Makes approximately 1 quart jar)

2 cups – grated castile soap (we chose Dr. Bronners as it is Fair Trade and organic. Peppermint smells awesome, by the way!)
1 cup – borax
1 cup – baking soda
1 cup – soda ash (washing soda)