Month: May 2011

How-To choose a hot water heater for your Tiny House

This morning I awoke only to see the digital thermometer taunting me from its place on the kitchen shelf – 23° outside and 69° inside. Before I even left the warmth of my double down cocoon I could feel my toes pressing against the icy floor. This morning would begin with a shower (I say this only because not everyday begins or even includes such an act) and because of the cold, I was happily anticipating up to 5 minutes of thawing. I lathered the shampoo/bodywash/soap concoction on my head and started working it down when the water began to drop in temperature. This typically doesn’t happen. I asked myself, “Has it been 5 minutes already?” Typically both Crystal and I can take a warm shower one-after-the-other without a loss in heat. “I must have gone overboard with the hot,” I told myself. In the bungalow we have been most satisfied with our choice in hot water heater. An Ariston 4-gallon Electric Hot Water Heater fit our needs and still fits our needs well. And because we are currently tied into the grid we have not regretted our choice for an electric unit. But when considering our options for a hot water heater in our Tiny House we have thought much differently. A trip to the Interwebs or (and I shutter to say this as gas prices continue to creep up)...

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